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Ep 103: Remso Martinez – Are Extra Terrestrials (Aliens) Already Amongst Us?

Today, I have a very special guest and fellow extraterrestrial/UFO believer. Are we part of numerous UFO groups, or travel around the world looking at rocks with ancient carvings? No, but we are enthusiastic about figuring out how us hairless apes truly came to be. God? The Devine? Celestial Intervention? Little Grey Beings? We don’t know, but we both believe something extraordinary happened for humans to exist. That is the beauty of being here, and not knowing for sure how or why we exist. Would things change if we discover the answers? Would society collapse, well, even further than it seems to be at the moment? We will discuss all this, and hopefully open your mind to different ways of thinking about why we are here, and how we should spend our years on this spinning rock. 

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Topics Discussed: 

* What does extraterrestrial really mean… 

* How and why UFOs are no longer a fringe topic

* Could God be an alien

* What are the odds we are alone in the universe 

* Is Skinwalker Ranch proof of extraterrestrials 

* If Remso and I, were aliens what would we think of humans on planet earth

* Has the U.S. purposefully kept us in the dark that we are not alone 

* Is there evidence all over earth of unexplained ancient cultures

* Why both, Remso and I, believe in the Soul

* Biblical references and the unexplained

* Is there really good and evil in us and the world

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. This weeks podcast is awesome! Runs the same way my brain does… 1st thought then 10 rabbit holes and some how it all is connected! Now if you could talk about growing your own food and knitting ot would finish off the other thoughts in my head.. 😜

    1. Hey Bonnie,

      Thanks and glad you liked it, we can only go down so many rabbit holes at one time. I’m going to have to leave the knitting to someone else haha, but growing your own food consists of putting seeds in the ground, watering, and let nature take over 🙂

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