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The Simple Life Breakfast Recipe

 – Two whole eggs prepared the way you want, over easy, scrambled, etc… – Chopped onion as much as you want. – Some spinach, again as much as you want. – A small serving of diced sweet potato. – (Optional) a couple links of sausage or bacon (organic if possible). Prepare in a cast iron… Read more »

How to Incorporate Healthy Oils into Your Cooking and Health Routine

What I Consider to be Core Oils When it come to oils, I recommend in the beginning that you keep it simple. Make sure they are virgin, cold pressed and organic. Remember when oils, which almost all of todays oils fit this profile, are highly processed causing them to become rancid. Rancid oils will have… Read more »

Product Review: Organic Hunza Sweet Apricot Kernels (RAW)

While walking the aisles at my local healthy food store Jimbo’s, something looking like a bag of almonds caught my eye, as I love organic almonds. To my surprise the label said “Hunza Sweet Apricot Kernals.” Hmmm, now that sounds interesting and different, as I had never heard of them before. After reading the label… Read more »

Build a Winning Exercise Program with These “Do Anywhere” Movements

I will often get asked what are the best exercises for losing weight or to get those ripped abs. My response is always the same; there is no perfect exercise for any specific goal it is a well rounded nutrition and exercise program that accomplishes these goals. The latest vibrating or gyrating piece of equipment or the… Read more »