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Build a Winning Exercise Program with These “Do Anywhere” Movements

I will often get asked what are the best exercises for losing weight or to get those ripped abs. My response is always the same; there is no perfect exercise for any specific goal it is a well rounded nutrition and exercise family push upprogram that accomplishes these goals. The latest vibrating or gyrating piece of equipment or the recycled starvation diet is not the answer. As most of you know I always preach proper nutrition as the main component of being healthy and getting the body of your dreams. With that being said, there are some very basic exercises that I tell all of my clients to implement no matter what their skill level. Of course I also use these exercises in my own workout routine, I never tell people to do things that I know nothing about and I always practice what I preach.

Let’s take a look at three very basic exercises that I believe everyone can benefit from and the best part can be done anywhere, anytime.

Push-ups – The push-up has been around forever and is an excellent all-around resistance training exercise. There are so many forms the uses are limitless. You can do wall push-ups, knee push-ups, one-armed push-ups, clapping push-ups, incline, decline, I think you get the picture. The push-up just doesn’t work the arms and chest they work your entire body as you have to contract a great deal of your body muscles to stay rigid and use proper form.

Weightless squats – I feel this is the ultimate of functional exercises, as we perform squats on a daily basis in our normal living and working activities. I also love them, due to having back surgery those weighted squats are out for me and I consider them far less dangerous. Again they just don’t work your legs, when done properly and by putting your arms straight out in front of you with your hands clasped you will work your core, shoulders, chest tri’s, and bi’s.

Planks –  The standard plank is probably the most overlooked exercise, but yet one of the most beneficial. People often think of the plank as core and abdominal exercise, but it is actually a full-body exercise. In order to get into and maintain a proper plank position you have to contract almost every muscle in the body, even quads, calves and your toes! If there was only one exercise I could only do this would be it.

For those of you intimidated by all those infomercials and high intensity exercise routines, don’t worry that is all flash. What I have shown above is the proven, result driven exercises that have worked for far longer than the shake-weight or other garbage now sold at your local CVS or Walgreens. The best part my examples are free and last a lifetime.

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