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Fight Sugar Cravings With This Natural And Healthy Sugar Substitute

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Every once in a while I find a product that I like to share with all my fans and followers. While at the Natural Food Expo West this year, I ran into a product that looked like it had some great potential to help people fight their sugar cravings and addiction. As most of you know, I discuss sugar and sugar addiction in-depth in my book: The Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Reverse Disease and Feel Better Than Ever

The company I found is called Lakanto. Lakanto makes a great monk fruit based sweetener that has zero calories and doesn’t negatively impact your blood sugar… sounds great to me.! Of course I took some samples and tried it out myself, and think it is a great product for the Primal, Paleo and health community in general. Heath Squier of Julian Bakery was also with me, and found the product as amazing as I did. Matter of fact Lakanto sweetener is included in his new low carb cookie and brownie products. I must, I couldn’t tell the difference between Julian Bakery’s low carb cookie and brownie from the sugar loaded version in grocery stores. They are incredibly tasty, but remember they are still a cookie and brownie so don’t be scarfing them down like a out of control hungry caveman. Remember my famous saying “An organic cookie is still a cookie.”

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Are Artificial Sweeteners Making You Fatter!

For those of you who are fighting the battle of the bulge and attempting to regain your health, I would like to share a useful piece of information. Practically everyone I have worked with or run into attempting to lose weight and keep it off believes substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar is the key. Well I’m sorry, but I’m here to burst that myth. Not only does using artificial sweeteners not assist you in losing weight, in some studies it has been shown to cause more weight gain than normal sugar. Throw in the fact multiple health conditions have been associated with artificial sweeteners, such as:

– Brain tumors
– Migraines
– Chronic fatigue syndrome
– Cancer
– Diabetes
– Alzheimer’s disease
– Parkinson’s disease

In a recent study titled: Gain Weight by “Going Diet?” Artificial Sweeteners and the Neurobiology of Sugar Cravings, published in 2010 found:

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