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The Overweight State Of Our Nation

During my younger years I was very physically active and managed to maintain a healthy weight, despite consuming a terribly unhealthy diet. However, since most of us move less as we age, adjustments to diet must be made to avoid disease, illness, pain, and depression. In other words, proper nutrition must ultimately be addressed to… Read more »

People are 57 Percent More Likely To Be Obese If Their Friends Are

We are what our friends eat, for better or worse. With people 37 percent more likely to be obese if their spouse is, 40 percent more likely if their sibling is, and 57 percent more likely if their friends are, healthy habits have also proven to be infectious. Check Out My Best Selling Books:… Read more »

Giving Your Child A Head Start: The Importance Of Nutritional Imprinting

Whether early diet influences long-term health or achievement is a key question in the study of nutrition. Such long-term consequences would invoke the concept of nutritional imprinting, which is a process that can stimulate or retard future development at a critical period of a child’s life. Research from small mammals and primates shows that early… Read more »