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How To Start Your Own Organic Garden

Many people today are interested in raising some of the food they eat right in their own yards at home. This trend is probably inspired by many impulses, including the wish to avoid contaminated produce from distant, unknown sources, the wish to save money on food, and the simple pleasure of picking and eating delicious… Read more »

Interview Talking Paleo and Permaculture with Jack Spirko Creator of the The Survival Podcast

Click on player below to listen to full audio of interview… Gary Collins:  All right, I’m here with Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast.  Thanks for being on today Jack. Jack Spirko:  Hi Gary.  I’m glad to be here man. Gary Collins:  Yeah, we’re going to be talking about a little bit of permaculture today. … Read more »

Interview: Primal Pastures Owner Paul Greives

Recently I interviewed Paul Greives of Primal Pastures located in Temecula, California. I’m a big fan of Primal Pastures and what they are doing in the sustainable farming movement. They are currently trying to raise $40,000 using a Kickstart funding program to grow their farm and purchase more animals. Click the more button below to watch… Read more »