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Interview: Erin Sharoni, Anchor & Host for CBS Sports and How She Got Primal

Transcript of entire interview below:

Gary Collins:  Hi, this is Gary Collins, creator of, and I am here with Erin Sharoni, the host and anchor for CBS Sports. She’s also the creator and host of Live Like an Athlete podcast on Thanks for coming on today, Erin.

Erin Sharoni:  Thanks for having me.

Gary: I think you have a very unique story, and I thought it was interesting how we found each other through the Primal and Paleo kind of ways. But nonetheless, we ended up talking and noticed we had a lot in common, and I really like what you’re trying to do on your end as well because it’s pretty unique. For those unfamiliar, would you give a little background to how you ended up in the Paleo and Primal world?

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Returning to the Standard American Diet (SAD)

As most of you know, I’m an experimenter and always working towards optimal health. With that being said, recently I decided to tryPrimal Power Method Standard American Diet a grand experiment during a friend’s bachelor party getaway weekend. Now get your mind out of the gutter; it’s not one of those types of experiments. Sorry to disappoint some of you but this experiment does not involve strippers, large amounts of drugs or a tiger!

Prior to leaving for my friend’s bachelor party, I had gone shopping to bring some healthy foods along in an attempt to eat somewhat healthy and not “go off the rails” with my Primal eating habits. But later I would change this thought process….

I did pack my healthy traveling foods, such as macadamia nuts, organic jerky,  and some almond butter. I have to give myself an “A” for my thought process and effort. I highly recommend my Primal/Paleo followers to pack and take these foods with them when they travel or have a busy schedule.

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Intermittent Fasting Is It The Secret To Losing Weight And Keeping It Off Forever

I constantly get asked about fasting, especially intermittent fasting, usually by people looking to shortcut the initial stages of acquiring better health or trying to lose weight quickly. Fasting and intermittent fasting are often used by those trendy personal trainers or supposed health experts as a quick fix technique without knowing the theory and premise behind these strategies. There Primal Power Method Intermittent Fasting is a physiological reason why fasting works and is a natural progression in The Simple Life Healthy Lifestyle. That is, if it is done correctly.

This topic is usually very confusing, especially for those just starting a weight loss or exercise program. That is why I never recommend that beginners incorporate or start an intermittent, periodic, or any, fasting program. That being said, I do think such a program has many benefits for those who have mastered the basic principles of the Primal lifestyle.

I have personally experimented with fasting over the last several years and consistently use intermittent fasting as a way to stay in fat-burning mode. This being said, I do not do it every single day, but I do it a majority of the time depending on my physical exercise exertion and how I feel.

What I discuss in this article will be a far departure from the usual information concerning proper nutrition, which is also why I created the Primal Power Method. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept of fasting, I only ask you keep an open mind, as there is no specific program that works for everyone. When it comes to health and wellness, this is simply another tool to add to your knowledge base.

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Get Ripped – 3 Day Fat Blast

From time to time we all get off track in our quest for optimal health. I’m no different from you – this happens to me a couple times a year. Over the many decades of experimentation on my part, I have found a great way to burn some fat and at the same time Primal Power Method Burn Fat Nowperform a health re-boot. The best part? I have perfected this technique to only take 3 days!

Over the last ten days, I had an event and two birthdays to attend – not a good recipe for healthy eating. The event I attended wasn’t too bad, as I was able to eat a healthy meal before I went. What really got me were the two birthday parties. I went to both of those completely starved and ruined my finely-tuned diet. Now I wish everyone around me practiced the Primal/Paleo lifestyle, this way I would be eating Bison burgers and other healthy dishes at these parties. Unfortunately, my friends and family struggle with their health and eat poorly like so many other American’s today.

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