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Better Sex, Boosted Fertility, And An Easier Menopause (Part 2)

Researcher Louis Guillette of the University of Florida is internationally recognized for his work in comparative reproductive biology and developmental endocrinology. In the mid 1990’s Guillette told a congressional committee that the sperm counts of healthy American males have fallen around one percent per year since 1942. He notes the same holds true for men… Read more »

Better Sex, Boosted Fertility And An Easier Menopause (Part 1)

Follow The Simple Life and you can have better, more frequent sex! It’s a strong statement, but also very true. Nobody wants to know how he or she can have less sex and get less enjoyment while having it, right?! As a health and nutrition professional, my fitness clients, often ask me, “How can we… Read more »

10 Simple Ways To Avoid Holiday Season Weight Gain

This is the time of year when most people lose their battle with sweets, and numerous other unhealthy tasty holiday treats. For most of us, Halloween is the official kickoff for the holiday season bad eating frenzy! For two plus months we are bombarded by sweet treats, alcoholic drinks, office and family party’s and just… Read more »