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Why Dietary Fats Are Not Evil – Consumption Of Good Fats, Equals A Lean Healthy Body

Fat Defined Fats are a type of lipid: Organic substances that are not soluble (i.e., not able to be dissolved) in water. Dietary fats include both solids (like butter) and liquids (like cooking oils). Dietary fat is found in many common foods, including olives, avocados, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, cheese and milk. There are three… Read more »

The Simple Life Healthy Lifestyle Plan Exercise Basics: Get Lean And Strong With Resistance Training

Resistance Training: Bulking Up Versus Toning Up Resistance training is sometimes referred to as strength training or weight training. This type of exercise increases your muscular strength with weights (resistance) such as a dumbbell, barbell, resistance bands, or your own body weight. Resistance training can increase muscle strength and bone density as well as produce… Read more »

Exercise 101: Understanding The Basics To Get Lean

An effective and healthy workout has several components, including a warm-up, some stretching, cardio training, resistance training, and a cool-down. Categories of Exercise All exercise can be categorized as either aerobic (meaning with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen). Aerobic training refers to a type of longer-term energy use in the body that requires the presence… Read more »