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The Simple Life Women’s Total Health Package Is Here!

Womens Total Health package image

For those just getting started out on your path to optimal health, or for someone who is looking to get back on track to optimal health, I have put together the total health package for you. With this package I have taken out of all of the guess work for you.

With my background in health investigations, you are getting your health products from a highly respected professional. Let’s face it we are constantly bombarded by the next miracle supplement, by some so called health expert, who is either a celebrity or marketing guru. I don’t know about you, but I want my health advice, well, from someone who is actually a health expert. No one in the field of health and wellness has my background and experience… period!

Get The Simple Life Women’s Total Health Package Now (Click Here)

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An Interview With The Creators Of Paleo Meals To Go

Recently, I interviewed the creators of Paleo Meals To Go, Ty and Dawn Anderson. Paleo Meals To Go produces (Made in the USA) and sells freeze dried Paleo and Primal approved meals. For active people, especially those who are into the outdoors, most meals in this area are not Primal or Paleo friendly by a long shot. Not anymore with Paleo Meals to go, they are not only Primal and Paleo friendly, but taste incredible as well.

Gary Collins:  Hey, this is Gary Collins, best selling author and creator of I am here with Ty and Dawn of Paleo Meals to Go. Thanks for coming on today. I found out about your company in a very interesting way, through an associate in the Paleo Primal world.

After they told me, I got interviewed by someone else who had actually just tried your products like the week before. It was interesting timing. If you guys would, describe what your company is all about and what your products are to people who are unfamiliar with them.

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Nutrition Professor Loses 27 Pounds On Twinkie Diet – Or Is This Just Another Health Scam?

Primal Power Method Twinkie Diet

I know this is an older article, but I have noticed it has started to show itself again on the web, so I thought it would be a good opportunity… well to call an idiot an idiot. Now remember this is a College Professor who teaches nutrition. He claims to have no idea how this diet worked, and is torn between eating healthy and following his “Twinkie Diet” model. This guy is either as stupid as it gets or a complete dishonest hack. Either way he should be no where near a University, let alone teaching at one. Unfortunately, this is just another example of our sad education and health system in this country.

He claims to have no ties to the “Junk Food” industry. Huh, I’ll bet good money that some, if not all, the junk food companies had something to do with this experiment and/or the media blitz.

Now on to the stupidity!

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The Simple Life Energy Detox Smoothie Recipe

Primal Power Method Energy Detox Smoothie

There is no better way to start off your day, than with a nutrient filled energy detox smoothie. Here is one of my go to favorites when I need a little boost or feeling a bit sluggish.

The Simple Life Energy Detox Smoothie Recipe

As with all my recipes, you will need to experiment with the different amounts of certain ingredients, per your taste preference.

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