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Keepin It Real – With Gary & Nicole, Episode 4: Confusion Over Grains and Beans?

See Full Transcript Of Show Below: Gary Collins:  Hi, this is Gary Collins, the creator of “The Primal Power Method,” and I’m here with… Nicole Hellendoorn:  Nicole Hellendoorn, California Paleo Kitchens, Orange County chef, coach, and all around bad ass. Gary:  That’s right.

Keepin It Real – With Gary & Nicole, Episode 3: Getting Healthy and Dating

Sorry, on this episode we had some technical difficulties, so this one will be in transcript version only. See the entire show transcript below: Gary Collins:  [laughs] This Gary Collins, creator of The Primal Power Method. I am here again with Nicole Hellendoorn, of California Paleo Kitchens. I did get her name right and got… Read more »

Keepin It Real – With Gary & Nicole, Episode 2: Chatting About Paleo and Exercise

See below for the full transcript of the show: Gary Collins:  This is Gary and Nicole here with “Keeping It Real,” episode two, where we’re going to be talking about Paleo and working out. A very interesting subject, don’t you think, Nicole? Nicole Hellendoorn:  There’s so much to talk about. Let’s get right into it…. Read more »

Keepin It Real – With Gary & Nicole, Episode 1: Talking About the Difficulties of Change

I interviewed Nicole last month and we instantly hit it off, and the idea of doing some show’s on some health related topics was born. Nicole is a fantastic person and fits right into the The Simple Life mindset; she knows her stuff and is very passionate about what she does. In this show we… Read more »