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Essential Tools For Off Grid And Simple Living

off the grid living tools

In this article I go over the basic tools I have used and recommend for people either looking to live off the grid or move into the simple living lifestyle. I have provided the links below to all the tools I not only recommend, but I actually own myself, you can rest assured they are verified and tested by yours truly.

Unless you have unlimited resources, plenty of time, and the patience to have others do your work for you, you will probably have to learn a lot of new skills as you construct your off-grid or more remote home.

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GEN-Y Hitch Adjustable Tow Hitch & BoltLock Locking Hitch Pin Product Review

Every once in awhile I find a product that deserves my time to do a detailed review; Gen-Y Hitches and BoltLock locking tow hitch pins are two high quality products that I definitely recommend.

I do a lot of towing spending half the year in my travel trailer, and hauling building materials up to my property off the grid. I have 4-5 drop down hitches in various drops and ball sizes, and I finally got fed up dealing with multiple tow hitches depending on the rise or drop I needed. So on the dummy net I went searching for an adjustable tow hitch. As with anything on the internet unless you know exactly what you are looking for you are overwhelmed by the choices, and that was true in this case. I found a multitude of different drop down hitches and I found two main characteristics:

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My Off The Grid Project – Painful Faswall Crawl Space Fix

Being that I’m in the sticks it would have been difficult to pore a slab, and a place where it can get pretty cold in the winter so I decided to go with a crawl space. I did this for two primary reasons: 1) As I said above, it would have been really difficult and expensive to pore a slab. 2) I wanted to have easy access to pipes and plumbing if anything ever went wrong. Great idea, well if my contractor would have done it correctly. So what started out as a great idea turned into a huge fix as I outline below and show in this video.

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My Off The Grid Project – Utility Trailer Modifications

As those who are trying to live a simpler more remote lifestyle know, the work on your property never ends. You are always trying to come up with ways to make things easier and more cost effective when possible. A good utility trailer is a must for people living out in the sticks, but they can be pretty expensive for a good one, even used. I found a new utility trailer for close to the price of beat up used one some years back. The problem was the side rails were pretty low as it was primarily made for hauling small all terrain vehicles.

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