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Off The Grid Project – Operation “Downsizing” Is Complete – Are You Ready To Start?

I know it has been a while since my last blog post, but it has been a pretty hectic last couple of weeks. I’m now in Washington State staying at an RV Park close to my “off the grid” property getting ready for season 2. Checkout the photo of my view below! In the second photo my property is where that cleared patch close to the top, on the right of the mountain.

I finished up my downsizing phase, I will be talking about it below and show you how to get started.

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Off The Grid Project – The Tiny Home Movement, Smart Move, Or Just A Waste Of Money

Here’s the latest installment of my YouTube series “Gary’s Living Off The Grid Project.”

See Transcript Below:

Gary Collins:  Hey, everyone. This is Gary Collins, best selling author and creator of Make sure to check out my books, and buy them they are fantastic for anyone looking to get into a Primal/Paleo lifestyle, get healthy and lose weight.

Today I’m going to talk about a trending subject that is very close to my off‑the‑grid project. That’s why it’s in the off‑the‑grid category on YouTube. The thing that has become very popular is “Tiny House Living,” I guess they call it. I’ve seen programs on it. A couple have popped up on cable that I have watched.

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How to Find Your Dream Off The Grid Property

Primal Power Method Living Off The Grid

Since I started my “Off The Grid Project” many of you have asked me how I found the my property. A few of you have even noted that it looks amazing, and I’d like to humbly agree. The best part it didn’t cost nearly what most of you think, and it is in the affordable price range for nearly everyone.

But as to the question of how I actually found it… Well, that is not an easy question to answer. It didn’t happen overnight, and there is no magic formula for finding a great place to get off the grid. As I have discussed previously, my property is unique to my wants and desires, and yours should be specific to your own goals as well.

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How To Make Compost For Your Home Garden

Primal Power Method Garden Compost

Creating your own garden compost is about easy as it gets. You have all the materials you need in your garbage can, and in your yard. Not only is it free, but also helps reduce the amount of trash you throw away, and that gets put into land fills.

As you gain experience with gardening, I recommend you consider creating a compost pile. Compost is decayed organic matter that provided nutrients to plants; it is one of the organic gardener’s chief means of establishing a productive soil.

Nature engages in an eternal composting cycle as each year’s vegetative growth returns to the soil at the end of its life: trees drop their leaves and herbaceous plants die back. This spent plant material returns the goodness that went into creating them back to the earth to be used again and again.

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How To Start Your Own Organic Garden

Primal Power Method Organic Garden

Many people today are interested in raising some of the food they eat right in their own yards at home. This trend is probably inspired by many impulses, including the wish to avoid contaminated produce from distant, unknown sources, the wish to save money on food, and the simple pleasure of picking and eating delicious ripe fruit and vegetables from just outside one’s door.

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