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Boyt Harness Mud River Dog Bed – Product Review

Here is another great product review! As my followers know, I love sharing high quality products by manufacturers and companies you may not have heard of. How do I find them, well I use them myself, and in my older age I’m becoming a stickler for products meeting the demands I expect of them 🙂

I have started to do more and more product reviews so make sure to keep an eye out for them here and on YouTube.

You can purchase this bed using the link below:

Purchase Boyt Harness Mud River Dog Bed Here

When it comes to dog beds I have had a ton over the years. Some were eaten or torn apart by my over rambunctious dogs, but most just flat out didn’t hold up. I have bought cheap ones and the more expensive ones promising easing cleaning, and that they would last a long time. I think the longest I have had a dog bed last is about a year.

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Mission Automotive Tow Hitch Tightener Product Review

Anyone has owned a tow hitch bike rack knows, they like to wobble around, usually driving you crazy. There is nothing worse than seeing your expensive bikes being continuously shaken, without you even riding them.

I did all kinds of modifications to my last tow hitch bike rack just so it wouldn’t wobble as much. In the end I spent hours messing around with it and I never completely solved the problem. When I got my new bike rack I was hoping this would not be the case, but just like my old one it swayed and bounced all over the place while on the road.

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GEN-Y Hitch Adjustable Tow Hitch & BoltLock Locking Hitch Pin Product Review

Every once in awhile I find a product that deserves my time to do a detailed review; Gen-Y Hitches and BoltLock locking tow hitch pins are two high quality products that I definitely recommend.

I do a lot of towing spending half the year in my travel trailer, and hauling building materials up to my property off the grid. I have 4-5 drop down hitches in various drops and ball sizes, and I finally got fed up dealing with multiple tow hitches depending on the rise or drop I needed. So on the dummy net I went searching for an adjustable tow hitch. As with anything on the internet unless you know exactly what you are looking for you are overwhelmed by the choices, and that was true in this case. I found a multitude of different drop down hitches and I found two main characteristics:

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Coverking Seat Cover Product Review

I have decided after getting some pretty awful products over the last couple years, and even worse customer service, to dedicate a portion of my YouTube “Product Reviews”  and blog to those truly awful companies ripping me and the American public off.

Now, I don’t just go out with my flame thrower on any company I have a problem with, I always give the company I bought a defective product from a fair chance to rectify the problem. In the case with Coverking it started bad, and just flat out became worse.

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Product Review: Organic Hunza Sweet Apricot Kernels (RAW)

While walking the aisles at my local healthy food store Jimbo’s, something looking like a bag of almonds caught my eye, as I love organic almonds. To my surprise the label said “Hunza Sweet Apricot Kernals.” Hmmm, now that sounds interesting and different, as IGary's Health Tips Product Review Organic Hunza Apricot Kernels had never heard of them before. After reading the label (As you all know I recommend doing so no matter what the product is) I decided to give this new little treat a try. As we all know finding those easy to carry healthy snacks is always a challenge and you can only eat so many almonds in a day. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, as I was not sure what to expect from this new found food. The Hunza Sweet Apricot Kernels, have a slight sweet taste and do taste somewhat like an apricot. The consistency and texture of the kernel is pretty much the same as an almond, but just with a different taste.

The price is not too bad at $5.99 and you can buy them and other tasty snacks at, if you cannot find them in your local grocery or health food store.

I’m now hooked and have incorporated Organic Hunza Sweet Apricot Kernels into my between meals snack. They go really well with some sliced cheese and berries.

I give this tasty snack a Primal Power Method thumbs up!

See below for a description from the website and nutritional information. Don’t fret yourself about the high amount of fat contained in the nutrition facts below. Remember fat is good for you and this is one of the primary philosophies in The Simple Healthy Lifestyle Plan. For those who have read The Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Reverse Disease and Feel Better Than Ever,  know that I bust the fat myth perpetuated by the health and big food industry. Good fat helps keep you satiated (full) longer than highly processed carbohydrates, so that is what make these the perfect snack to curb your hunger.

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