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10 Simple Ways To Avoid Holiday Season Weight Gain

This is the time of year when most people lose their battle with sweets, and numerous other unhealthy tasty holiday treats. For most of us, Halloween is the official kickoff for the holiday season bad eating frenzy! For two plus months we are bombarded by sweet treats, alcoholic drinks, office and family party’s and just… Read more »

Why Dietary Fats Are Not Evil – Consumption Of Good Fats, Equals A Lean Healthy Body

Fat Defined Fats are a type of lipid: Organic substances that are not soluble (i.e., not able to be dissolved) in water. Dietary fats include both solids (like butter) and liquids (like cooking oils). Dietary fat is found in many common foods, including olives, avocados, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, cheese and milk. There are three… Read more »

The Overweight State Of Our Nation

During my younger years I was very physically active and managed to maintain a healthy weight, despite consuming a terribly unhealthy diet. However, since most of us move less as we age, adjustments to diet must be made to avoid disease, illness, pain, and depression. In other words, proper nutrition must ultimately be addressed to… Read more »