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A short update until we get to the free book part 🙂

I know it has been a bit since my last update, but a lot of great things are going on I plan to share some of them with you next week. I have three books coming out in 2019, which will include a traditionally published book, with six speaking engagements scheduled throughout the U.S., to include book signings. Two off the new books will be on the topic of “Living Off The Grid” and one will the third installment in my “The Simple Life” series titled The Simple Life Guide To Decluttering Your Life. A couple half-day to full day workshops are being currently discussed, I will updated you when I know more. Needless to say 2019 is going to be a busy year!

It is hard to believe I started out as an accidental indie author eight years ago, shortly after I left my career as a special agent in the federal government. Who would have known, especially not me, that in 2018 I would be dedicating myself to being a full-time published Author on the topics of living off the grid, remote living, RV living, primal health, self-help, and simple living. My Going Off The Grid book has consistently been an Amazon Best Seller for over a year now, I really didn’t see that coming. I’m pleasantly surprised that people are interested in my lifestyle and what I have to say about it. It all came from sharing my inside knowledge, while working in the government, especially with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sharing my knowledge of truly living a healthy lifestyle. Yep, things have definitely evolved into many different topics, but they all stem from helping people and living a simpler life.

With that being said, I’m trying to spread the word about living “The Simple Life,” hence the new book series with that title. As most of you know now, I have moved away from using social media, so this blog and my newsletter is my special place for all of you. So instead of blasting this invitation out to everyone in the known social media universe this is going out to my select group of insiders.

I’m looking for a limited group of people who I will send my new books as they are released in any format you want for free. In exchange if you would review it on Amazon that would be greatly appreciated. Your email and contact information will be used for this purpose only, so you can opt out at anytime. As I said this is a very exclusive group of my loyal followers and readers so it will be limited to the first 50 people to respond. There are two ways to be added to this list:

1. Reply to this email with your contact information and what format you wish to receive the book.

2. If you are reading this on the blog and are not signed up for my newsletter (sign up here) you can contact me directly by filling out the contact form here in order to be on the advanced reading team. Remember to send me your contact info (email and mailing address).

Once the new book goes live on Amazon and other book selling sites you will be contacted in order to receive your free copy of my book, and again if you would review it on Amazon it would be greatly appreciated.

I want to take the time to thank all of you, as none of this would be possible without your continued support. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to share my life adventures and simple living philosophy with you all.

Gary Collins

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6 Responses to “Do You Want To Get My New Book For Free?”

  1. Don & Kimm

    The county does a title search on the properties to determine if they are free and clear. If there is a lien it would complicate matters beyond our willingness to deal with it.

    In our case, all of the upcoming projects will be paid for in cash. We can accommodate the county as far as building codes but I seriously doubt any bank would finance the project. Their inspectors would add thousands of dollars to the project to conform to what the banks requirements would be on the property. Unfortunately for some, if they have no cash or don’t have the income to accomplish improvements to a property as time goes by, it would be near impossible to accomplish.

    Another approach that may work for folks is to find like minded people and make it a joint effort. This is something we would not consider. A partnership can be, well, ‘complicated’.
    However, once the home is complete, the bills are miniscule. This would allow for the partnership to be eased by putting resources into another home and move to a neighbor situation. Some resources could be then shared such as the well and solar/wind power. If all goes well they can all work a garden and maintenance together. I could see it working but I could also see it not working. The human condition is fickle! The key would be an equal desire to succeed.

    We got ahold of a 36′ motor home by paying $3000.00in cash and trading our pickup truck. The motorhome will be our house while we take our time completing the homestead. We anticipate 2 to 3 years. When we are finished we will sell the motorhome and own the homestead free and clear. Free and clear, imagine that, no electric bill, no water bill, no sewage costs, no homeowners association to deal with. The ability to provide most of our food off of the land, the ability to work minimum wage jobs and save money. This is called freedom in our book and should be enough of a motivator for anyone reading this to pursue it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!!! How bad do you want it I would ask. Hate to put it this way but… quit crying and get on with it to those who want it.

    • Gary Collins, MS

      I figured, as buying properties with liens can be a long complicated process. You know it is funny you bring up the building codes and that it takes cash to get it done, as I emphasized that a great deal in my book Going Off The Grid. Some TV shows and popular blogs make it seem like you just need to show up bring some friends and build a place off the grid for almost nothing… talk about dream land 🙂 It is still a house on a piece of land that requires infrastructure – last time I checked that stuff is not cheap and definitely not free.

      I have heard of some kind of off grid small communes, but have never been involved in or seen one. Seems like a good idea though to spread the cost and share resources. But those pesky humans are a complicated lot haha, especially when you factor in everyone needs to get along for it to work.

      I love it, you are following the path similar to mine, and a lot of the advice I give in my books and blog posts. Not that I was the first one to come up with it, but I think I share it all the good and the bad, which I think keeps this lifestyle grounded in reality. Wow, I say that all the time if you want it you can make it happen. I have had a few people over the years poo poo what I have done making a multitude of excuses, and trying to portray me as some financially well off individual, which I’m not. I just did as you said, busted my butt and didn’t make any excuse just got it done.

  2. Don & Kimm Richter

    We acquired 15 acres in southern Colorado for $1400.00 tax lien. We will be drilling a well, using solar power (most intense sun zone in Colorado), and use propane for major appliances. We also have a 4500 watt gas generator which I plan to use to fill a water tank. We can use a much more power efficient pump to service the house. We will be building the house ourselves as I am well versed in the trades necessary for it. We plan to start on it during the spring of 2019.

    • Gary Collins, MS

      Hey Don and Kimm,

      That is great you are starting on your off the grid journey! I’m pretty familiar with Southern Colorado, as I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 8 years and looked in that area for land during me initial search years ago. Wow, what a deal! You did really well, how long did it take for you find your 15 acres? Make sure to keep me updated with your progress, and again congrats!

      • Don & Kimm

        It took a few months to find the properties. By luck we were able to find two tax delinquent properties adjacent one another, one 5 acres, the other 10. The lots are extremely level which makes our future projects easier. We will need to remove patchy grass and scrub for about a quarter mile to provide access from a county dirt road. I’ll rent a front end loader for that.

        To obtain land in this manner one must get in touch with the county courthouse where they are hoping to obtain the property. All counties everywhere have property where the owners have stopped paying their taxes for whatever reason. Our county courthouse has a county map with all the platted land in it, they are all numbered. They also had a list of tax delinquent property listed by number. YOU have to sort through these properties, find them on the map, make a shortlist based on your priorities (access, water, geography, etc.).Then you have to find these properties and decide which, if any, suit your purposes.

        The next step is to go to the courthouse, assuming you have found a suitable property, and pay the back taxes plus a refundable fee, and apply for the deed. In our county there must be five or more consecutive years of delinquency to be able to apply for the deed. You can pay the taxes on a property with less than 5 years and HOPE the owner doesn’t pay. The good news is, any money you put in towards these taxes earns 10% interest while you wait! Not a bad return. The county will take a period of time to try to contact the owner and collect the back taxes. If the are successful and the owner pays the back taxes, you get your money back in full plus 10%. If the owner fails to pay after this time (a few months in our case) and the deed is free and clear, your fee is refunded and the property is yours. There are people taking advantage of a 10% gain by paying back taxes who have no intention of applying for the deed. They are basically maintaining a bank account at 10%.

        • Gary Collins, MS

          Hey Don,

          Thanks for passing on this info, as I say in my books there are so many ways to live off the grid or find your dream property. This is a great technique with very little risk, worst case is you earn 10% on your money that is about as good as it gets 🙂 I know I have received numerous emails from people who are frustrated because they think this lifestyle is out of their reach due to the cost and in almost all cases requires cash upfront. One thing I would assume is the back tax liability would have to be for a privately held property not one financed through a bank or land contract? Very interesting as I believe I did this when I was looking, but didn’t find anything that would work for me. Definitely well worth the time and effort!


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