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E1: Introduction to Your Better Life Podcast

E1: Introduction to Your Better Life Podcast

In this episode, I introduce you to my brand-new spanking podcast Your Better Life: Make it Simple Stupid.

No, I’m not calling you stupid… well, yet, just kidding. Obviously, this is a play on words from the well-known saying – “Keep It Simple Stupid” which was often spoken during my career in the military and federal law enforcement. Unlike, my time in the federal government, I actually mean it. Yes, the irony was the KISS principle was thrown around all the time, and yet nothing was ever simple during my career, quite the opposite… just imagine filling out a pointless timesheet (I was on salary) that had to be filled out in three different places!

Your Better Life Topics Discussed: 

  • What is the podcast about
  • Who am I
  • The rules
  • Types of guests and topics

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  1. I’ve heard you several times on the survival podcast, you always have something good to say, I look forward to hearing what you have to say without Jacks prompts and interruptions, don’t get me wrong I love Jack (in a sense) but he does sometimes get overzealous when he’s excited and has a good story to add. But I like that about him too, sometimes. I am however looking forward to hearing you finish a few more thoughts, I like complete thoughts. I am interested in everything. I grew up poor too. But I chose the wrong path and I’m in the same boat as your parents, 59 and still working, though not in debt, thankfully. I am learning now though.

    Thank you,

    1. Hey Evelyn,

      I’m glad you are liking the podcast I love doing it, as it is part of my life purpose to spread the word. I just did another interview for my new book The Simple Life Guide To Financial Freedom on TSP 10/23/19. Keep at it, it never ends, well until it ends 🙂 Gary

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