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E10: How To Secure Your Identity From Thieves And Scoundrels

E10: How to Secure Your Identity From Thieves and Scoundrels

In this episode, I interview Justin Carroll. Justin is a former Marine, plank-owner in the elite Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC), and has worked on a contractual basis with another government agency.

After completing his last overseas deployment, Justin spent five years teaching digital security and identity management to hundreds of soldiers, sailors, and Marines of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). He was instrumental in the development of a highly technical surveillance program currently in use abroad by US Special Operations Forces.

Justin resides in Nashville, TN, and is the author of Your Ultimate Security Guide: Windows 7, and Your Ultimate Security Guide: iOS. He co-authored The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference and was the co-host of The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast.

Identity and Other Topics Discussed: 

  • A little about Justin
  • What is informational security and what does it mean to you
  • Your data is being mined 24/7
  • What are data points
  • Your credit card is more than an object to buy shiny objects
  • Social media is just a platform to mine your personal information and you let them do it for free
  • Things you can do to minimize your personal information being exposed on the internet
  • How being smart with your personal information increases your freedom and happiness
  • Living the simple life and rediscovering your personal freedom

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