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E17: How Bryan Went From Barista To Six-Figure Business Owner

E17: How Bryan Went From Barista to Six-Figure Business Owner

In this episode, Gary sits down with Bryan Cohen. He’s the creator of Best Page Forward and co-host on The Sell More Books Podcast, who went from a Barista at Starbucks to a successful six-figure author and business owner. 

Bryan Cohen is an experienced copywriter and a bestselling author. After launching Best Page Forward in June 2015, he was immediately inundated with orders for book descriptions. He’s written over 2,000 descriptions for authors to date, and he’s in the process of coaching authors to learn the craft of copywriting themselves.

Topics Discussed with Bryan Cohen:

  • A bit about Bryan
  • What was Bryan’s motivation to be an author and start his own business
  • How making mistakes is just part of being an entrepreneur
  • How did Bryan build up a team to help manage his life better?
  • What does Bryan do, and what you can do when your work-life intrudes on your home life
  • How do you balance trying to make money with your health and happiness? 

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