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E21: How To Teach Kids About Money And Basic Economics

E21: How to Teach Kids About Money and Basic Economics

Is it any wonder most Americans are broke and unhappy?

Maybe if we taught children in our education system basic economics and how to be more self-reliant we could change that. In this episode, Gary chats with author Julie Borowski about her new book “Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza” that does just that… teach kids about what they really need to know for a successful life. 

Julie Borowski has a passion for teaching kids about economics! Previously, she was an Economics Policy Analyst at FreedomWorks, a free-market advocacy group. She is well-known for her ability to break down complex ideas in a fun and simple manner. She has appeared on Fox Business News and her writings have been published at the Washington Examiner, Foundation for Economic Education, Townhall, and more.

Topics Discussed with Julie Borowski:

  • The values that were instilled in Julie growing up that helped develop the concept for this book?
  • Julie explains ideas such as the division of labor, the invisible hand, and spontaneous order
  • The things that are missing in our current education system to help prepare kids for life
  • What the libertarian movement is all about and why millennials are gravitating towards it 

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