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E22: How Your Brain Can Compromise Your Life And Money

E22: How Your Brain Can Compromise Your Life and Money

Find out the connection between your brain and how it affects your success as an entrepreneur. In this episode I talk with Mike Volkin–we will be talking to him about the latest brain science and how we as entrepreneurs can take advantage of it.

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Mike Volkin is a serial entrepreneur, U.S. Army veteran, and author of 5 books, to include one bestseller. He has built and sold four of his own companies and worked with over 400 companies as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. Currently, Mike is the lead instructor of Freelancer Masterclass, which is a 9-step online course designed to help freelancers grow their business and increase their time off. Mike is a certified neuro marketer.

Mike Volkin on Neuroplasticity:

  • What exactly is neuroplasticity?
  • What is neuromarketing? 
  • Does everyone have the same capability to change their brain?
  • How can entrepreneurs take advantage of neuroplasticity?
  • How Mike put these tips into action?
  • Tips on the neuromarketing front
  • He discusses his book on how to prepare for military bootcamp
  • How you can find out more about Mike’s services

Episode Resources:

Gary Collins, MS

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