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E4: How to Focus on What Matters in Your Life

E4: How to Focus on What Matters in Your Life

In this episode, I interview Patrick Fitzgibbons of the CJevolution Podcast. We discuss cutting out the BS to determine your purpose and build a life that matters.

Patrick is a retired law enforcement officer with approximately 23 years of experience. He holds an MBA in business and an MA in organizational leadership and is a lifelong learner. Patrick is a part-time professor in higher education and is dedicated to coaching and mentoring the next generation of law enforcement professionals.

Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife Jennifer and their children, outdoor activities and of course, being the host of CJEvolution.

Topics Discussed with Patrick Fitzgibbons: 

  • Patrick’s background and experience as a Police Officer
  • The importance of finding your life purpose
  • What is Patrick’s life purpose today
  • Focusing on the things that matter
  • The importance of mindfulness
  • Envisioning your future and success
  • Focusing on the things that matter and changing what you are in control of

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  1. Thanks for putting your podcasts on. I am new to podcasts, so I have had to change my expectations of them. I was expecting something new. But was finding a review of things I already knew, then it finally sunk in that what I was hearing from you was helping to reinforce and build upon what I was already doing. Could you give some suggestions on where to find some educational podcasts that are worth while listening to. Thanks!

    1. Hey Ken,

      You are welcome, and thanks for taking a listen. With over 8 billion people on our spinning rock it is pretty difficult to be 100% original. Even though, you and I may already know a large part of the information we hear on podcasts, most Americans today do not. With that being said, as a podcast host you have to try and find a middle ground to keep it interesting for the people who are already engaged in the things you discuss and the newbies. You will find that pretty common in most podcasts.

      Being new to podcasts today can be pretty overwhelming, as everyone seems to have one these days. Without knowing what your interests are that is a pretty difficult list to give you. My interest vary from independent published author podcasts to theoretical physics and quantum mechanics, not too sure those are something you would be interested in 🙂

  2. Gary, great podcast! you guys are great motivators. Gary, your books are outstanding. Pat, i can’t wait to read your book. love you brothers! keep preaching the word!!

    1. Hey Bill,

      Thanks, and I’m glad you like it! I have a lot of future plans for great topics and fantastic guests, who are at the forefront of positive change. I think you are really going to like the new book, so far the positive feedback has been outstanding!

  3. WOOOOW! I was blown away by this fresh perspective. Other people talk all day about finding ones purpose and having focus and mindfulness but none have resonated with me like this single episode! Fantastic job, Gary & Patrick. This is so rich and full of thoughtful info. that I’m going to listen to it a few more times just to really hone in.

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