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E64: How To Actually Maximize Your Liberty

E64: How to Actually Maximize Your Liberty

How do you achieve maximum liberty in your lifetime? That’s the question bestselling author, former journalist, and filmmaker Remso W. Martinez wanted to learn, so he’s bringing you on the journey to find out with his popular Libertarian podcast On The Run! He discusses topics ranging from financial independence, spiritual discovery to radical lifestyles, and disruptive technologies; Remso brings you the gonzo insights he’s known for as well as remarkable guests taking bold steps into a freer world.

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Topics Discussed: 

  • How to gain some clarity in this crazy world filled with chaos
  • What is an eight-track tape and how the 70s and 80s were so different from today
  • Why focusing on getting your own shit together is not being selfish
  • How Multi-Level Marketing companies (MLMs) are preying upon people in these desperate times
  • Remso’s experiences dealing with and being a part of the MLM world
  • How you can achieve your goals and live a life of fulfillment
  • How and why doing things right takes so much longer to find success
  • Why you should focus on the things you can change and ignore everything else
  • Why younger people today seem to shun manual labor and hard work
  • Some of the main lessons we both learned from Ayan Rand

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  1. The correct spelling is:
    Ayn Rand.

    I realize how overwhelming this must have been. Kudos to your new team and best wishes for your continued success.


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