E7: What Happens When a Year Experiment Goes Like This

E7: What Happens When a Year Experiment Goes Like This

Ever wonder what would be the result of dedicating a year to growing your business and freedom? In this episode, Gary discusses what he has learned so far, now three-quarters of the way through his working for one year straight on his entrepreneurial experiment.

There have been a lot of lessons learned along the way some good, some bad. The biggest surprise? There was way more positive that has come out of this experiment, life-changing, that was unexpected.

Entrepreneurial Experiment Topics Discussed: 

  • What is Gary’s working for a year straight experiment all about?
  • Why doing what you love is not necessary work… most of the time
  • The importance of you being the brand in today’s crowded entrepreneur world
  • Why without his physical and mental health he would not be able to do this experiment
  • Why your health is critical in your success as an entrepreneur
  • Understanding the importance of life purpose as an entrepreneur
  • How this experiment has made him even more efficient and focused
  • How minimizing outside distraction is the key
  • All the important work accomplishments and some life hurdles accomplished to date
  • Understanding in life your work is never done, and how his life purpose and business will remain until he can no longer do it
  • And some added Gary soapbox moments along the way

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