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E47 How To Effectively Make The Most Of Tough Times

E74: How to Effectively Make the Most of Tough Times

Are you stressed out, or freaking out trying to make sense of the world today? Not sure which way is up?

You’re not alone.

Today, I share a recent story and how I handled it. We’ll also dive into the best way forward for all of us. Annnnnddd a few Gary rants.

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Topics Discussed: 

  • What’s going on with the podcast’s audio
  • A brief update on projects and release of Going Off The Grid Second Edition
  • A funny story about life on the road, and when things don’t go as planned
  • Remember those rants about Amazon, Walmart, Apple and social media in previous episodes…
  • How and why, we are getting our butt kicked by a bunch of losers (language not so nice in podcast)
  • How small-town America is dying and what we can do about it
  • Why complaining, wishing, and waiting for someone else to do something is a huge part of the problem
  • Seeing now, why I ignored social media and worked so hard to keep control of my content while starting and building my business
  • Why the problem is no longer about Democrats and Republicans…

How to move forward during these crazy time

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for your thoughts as they run parallel to my own. I’m definitely changing my relationship with big tech given their behavior over the last year. At one time I thought they were just greedy but now it’s something much more ominous. It won’t be easy but only a fool continues to give money to those who wish to destroy them.

    1. Hey Ray,

      I used to think the same, I guess all those gushy commercials were just show… go figure. As I say, spend your money with these companies at your peril, you made them rich now they are coming for you what a great business model.

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