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Ep 107: The Bill of Rights – Why Freedom is not Free

Today’s episode has been in the works for a while now, but I realized there is no time more relevant than now. I’m dumbfounded that a surprisingly amount of people in the US, have developed a hatred for the freest country in the world, and do so out of ignorance. I always say, those who have sacrificed the least, and understand very little of our nation’s history are the people who always scream the loudest about injustice and want to take our individual rights away. They do so because they have zero understanding of the sacrifice millions of Americans have made and will continue to make to keep this country free of tyranny. But some don’t want that. Reviewing what makes our constitution unique is an excellent way for us to understand that freedom is not free, and the easiest way to lose it is to sit back and do nothing. 

Remember what I teach in The Simple Life is all about action, and being self-reliant. Being a whiner and blaming everyone else is a sure way to ruin, not only as an individual, but our country.

It is time for us to rally around what makes us free and a beacon to the world.

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Topics Discussed: 

* What makes our Constitution unique

* Why without laws that focus on individual freedom you will always have chaos

* How the founders used separation of powers to avoid future tyranny

* Why The Bill of Rights is so important

* Why without a strong belief system we are doomed

* Why if you don’t like it here you are free to go… and please do

* How a small minority are making noise, and should be ignored

* Understanding freedom is fragile and must always be protected

* And of course many Gary tangents… as always

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