Are Exogenous Ketones A Scam?

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I am a regular on the The Survival Podcast, as an expert on Primal/Paleo health, nutrition, exercise, simple living and living off the grid. I share a lot of great information during this question and answer format. I have realized I cover a lot of information that may not be contained on my website or blog. Because of this, I have decided to share it with you on my website as well. Below is the audio of my answer to the listener question. In addition, you will find the entire transcript below as well. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section, and I will make sure to answer them.

Below is the episode where I answer the question on The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast Expert Council Question/Answer

Transcript from podcast below:

Question: Can you tell me more about exogenous ketones. I have heard lots of people take this supplement to get their bodies into Ketosis within 1-2 hours, where eating high protein and fat without carbs could take up to 3 days to get into ketosis. Is this a gimmick?

Gary Collins (Answer):  Hey, everyone. This is Gary Collins of answering all your questions in health, wellness, the primal lifestyle, simple living off the grid, remote living, all that kind of good stuff.

I want to announce my new book is out, “Going Off The Grid ‑‑ The How‑To Book Of Simple Living And Happiness.” It’s available on my website,, Amazon, and in Kindle format. I just wanted to mention that.

Today, we have a question about exogenous ketones, the supplement, which I have heard [laughs] of. It’s been a while. Actually, I had tossed this thing aside quite a while ago. As with most supplements that claim miraculous effects, I usually just toss it right out.

The first thing I did is I had to go look back at this product and see who’s selling it. This is what I always do, and this is what I recommend to people anytime you have a question. Especially something like this, it’s like 120 to 130 bucks a bottle.

That’s just outrageous. Most of the companies selling this product is MLM, multi‑level marketing companies.

Anyone who’s listened to any of my stuff knows I do not support those companies in any form whatsoever. They’re a pyramid scheme. They had to change their name. It’s a marketing technique that puts basically the seller as the buyer, and then they push it on their friends and family.

It’s a total BS marketing scheme. I never, ever recommend products from these companies. I don’t care what the product is, especially supplements.

It’s guaranteed to be, at the very best, a mediocre to poor supplement with an outrageous markup because there’s multi tiers in a multi‑level marketing scheme and everyone’s got to get their cut along the way.

The only people who ever make money are the people who create these multi‑level marketing schemes. There you go on that, there’s Gary’s get on a soapbox about that.

Now, the science behind it. Basically, what this product is, exogenous ketones, it’s ingesting the ketones and trying to force your body into ketosis, burning fat instead of your body naturally doing it through the production, the down regulation of insulin and glycogen. Actually, glycogen, you have to utilize your source of glycogen.

It kicks into glucagon, which then kicks into ketone body process being made in your liver. This puts you into a fat burning mode. This person said that these products are touting that you can get into it in one hour as opposed to three days. Here’s the deal. It’s complete bullshit, I’ll just be honest.

This is false. The only people who benefit from these products are basically highly competitive athletes that use it as a ketone body source to produce more ATP or more energy. It’s not that high of a level, to be honest with you.

Even for an athlete, a high competing athlete, if it gives them this psychological edge, fine.

The physiology behind it is very minimal at best. For anyone trying to lose weight or go into ketosis quicker, no. It doesn’t work that way.

Your body is very smart. It has to go to through the hormonal and chemical reactions first. Anytime you’re going to consume that, basically your body’s going to regulate itself internally to where you’re going to go into ketosis naturally.

What they’ve done with this product, what it will do is the test strips that they provide will actually trigger it to say you’re in ketosis when you’re actually not. It’s bogus science. Don’t fall for it. Don’t spend the money. Complete waste of time.

As with anything that I always say, “If it sounds too good to be true and it’s going to make you skinny overnight, don’t buy it. Don’t even waste your time.”

Well, I hope that helps. Remember, guys, my company is in the MSB Members site. You get 10 percent off your entire order if you use the coupon code there that I have in there. Again, guys, check out my new book, Going Off The Grid. Thanks a lot.

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