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GEN-Y Hitch Adjustable Tow Hitch & BoltLock Locking Hitch Pin Product Review

Every once in awhile I find a product that deserves my time to do a detailed review; Gen-Y Hitches and BoltLock locking tow hitch pins are two high quality products that I definitely recommend.

I do a lot of towing spending half the year in my travel trailer, and hauling building materials up to my property off the grid. I have 4-5 drop down hitches in various drops and ball sizes, and I finally got fed up dealing with multiple tow hitches depending on the rise or drop I needed. So on the dummy net I went searching for an adjustable tow hitch. As with anything on the internet unless you know exactly what you are looking for you are overwhelmed by the choices, and that was true in this case. I found a multitude of different drop down hitches and I found two main characteristics:

  • Most were poorly made
  • They were overpriced

I finally ran across a company called Gen-Y Hitches, and I was pleasantly surprised. I had actually found exactly what I was looking for – a high quality product at a good price, and well made (in the USA). I ended up getting the 7.5 inch adjustable hitch from Gen-Y. Now for us who do a lot of towing or have a tow hitch bike rack know, a good adjustable hitch is one part of the puzzle. The other piece of the puzzle is having a high quality locking tow hitch pin. Trust me someone will gladly relieve you off that nice adjustable tow hitch and anything attached to it if you don’t have it secured with a locking tow hitch pin.

Luckily I found BoltLock, which also has a partnership with Gen-Y Hitches. What makes BoltLock locking hitch pin unique is they are specially designed to be keyed to your car key. You simply choose the BoltLock for your vehicle and you are good to go. I have owned numerous locking tow hitch pins and most are a pain to lock and unlock, and you usually have a different key for each one. BoltLock is the easiest locking tow hitch pin I have ever used.

Below are some pics of my 7.5″ adjustable Gen-Y Hitch and BoltLock locking tow hitch pins:

Gen-Y Hitch Review

Gen-y Hitch 7.5 Inch

BoltLock Locking Tow Hitch Pin

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