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How to Incorporate Healthy Oils into Your Cooking and Health Routine

What I Consider to be Core Oils

When it come to oils, I recommend in the beginning that you keep it simple. Make sure they are virgin, cold pressed and organic. Remember when oils, which almost all of todays oils fit this profile, are highly processed causing them to become rancid. Rancid oils Primal Power Methodwill have the opposite affect of healthy oils, which means they will cause inflammation and free radicals in the body, instead of the life giving properties of healthy oils.

Here is my essential oil list, as outlined in my book The  Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Reverse Disease and Feel Better Than Ever.

– Coconut Oil (Use for cooking at higher heats)

– Palm Oil (Use for frying as it is a very stable oil at high heat)

– Butter (Only use organic real butter can be used for cooking at low to medium temps)

– Olive Oil (Can be used for medium heat cooking, but I recommend using it for drizzling on salads and vegetables instead) It is easy to heat olive oil to a point of turning it rancid.

The reason I call these core oils is because I consider them to be the healthiest and the easiest to find in stores.

When it comes to cooking with coconut oil it will take a little time to get used to, as it has a slight coconut and vanilla flavor. I use it to cook my eggs and vegetables every day. It is the oil that is most stable, and contains lauric acid, which is an incredibly strong antimicrobial thus helping to boost your immune system. The benefits of coconut are very extensive, such as being found to revers the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Of all the oils this is the one I recommend you use the most.

Most Americans today use canola oil to cook with, and invariably I will get asked at every guest speaking spot what are my thoughts on using this common and cheap oil. Bottom line don’t. I know it is cheap and something you have been probably using for decades. Canola is not only highly processed, but almost always made from GMO (genetically modified) rapeseed’s. Add to the fact rapeseeds are toxic to humans and animals, which makes a great insect repellent! That is right it is used as an insect repellent, so needless to say if you are not going to use it to scare away flying pests toss it!


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