Boyt Harness Mud River Dog Bed – Product Review

Here is another great product review! As my followers know, I love sharing high quality products by manufacturers and companies you may not have heard of. How do I find them, well I use them myself, and in my older age I’m becoming a stickler for products meeting the demands I expect of them 🙂

I have started to do more and more product reviews so make sure to keep an eye out for them here and on YouTube.

You can purchase this bed using the link below:

Purchase Boyt Harness Mud River Dog Bed Here

When it comes to dog beds I have had a ton over the years. Some were eaten or torn apart by my over rambunctious dogs, but most just flat out didn’t hold up. I have bought cheap ones and the more expensive ones promising easing cleaning, and that they would last a long time. I think the longest I have had a dog bed last is about a year.

The two biggest problems I have experienced is the cover is poorly constructed and the foam crushes down within the first month or so. I have used other Boyt Harness products over the years, to include their rugged dog products. When I found out they were re-doing their dog bed, and it would be memory foam I knew I had to get one for my loyal buddy.

I wasn’t disappointed my dog and I both love this bed. It is the highest quality dog bed I have owned, and can tell I will have it for a long time.

A little about Mud River below:

At MUD RIVER it has never been a secret that we suffer from the hunting itch and the love of the outdoors. When the mercury drops and the birds are flying, we trade in fishing rods and 9 to 5’s for the over & unders. As this time of year comes around you can lay your money down on a few sure things – dirty trucks, lonely wives, and happy dogs. In an industry where very little product refinement gets defined as innovation, consumers rarely experience ground breaking changes in product performance.

The MUD RIVER team is all about enhancing product performance and providing superior gear to the quality minded customer is our core. We’re taking our passion and cumulative knowledge to fundamentally change the expectations of the hunter and dog enthusiast.


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6 Responses to “Boyt Harness Mud River Dog Bed – Product Review”

  1. Weldon L Swink

    Hello! Ieard your interview on Coast to Coast on 11/14.17.
    The one unanswered question is about receiving US Nail, You can use e-mail, mobile banking etc., but how do handle US Mail delivery

    • Gary Collins, MS

      I use a mail service in the town by where I live in WA. Every week they just send it where I tell them. Almost all RV parks are used to this so you can send or forward your mail to them.

  2. Renze of Dog Life Store

    This is a great article. It’s really hard to choose what dog beds are the durable ones because there’s a lot of dog beds in the market right now. Thanks for reviewing this great dog bed. I really like to have this one.

    • Gary Collins, MS

      Thanks, I love Boyt Harness products being an outdoors guy and owning dogs. My dog loves his bed, and I throw it in the back of my crew cab in my truck for road trips.


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