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Gary’s Off-Grid and Simple Living Projects


To make all our lives easier, I have created a one-stop-shop where you can see and follow all my off-grid and Simple Life projects. Here you’ll be able to find and view all the photos and videos documenting my progress. And the best part? They’re all up to date, so you can see how everything is coming along in real-time. I have struggled over the years, updating numerous channels, such as YouTube or posting on social media (which I hate). The workload was just too much for me to share what I was up to on a timely basis.

Now, I’m not going to go into great detail about what all the pictures and videos represent, as these are to be used as a supplemental illustration for some of the material I reference in my books. But they should be self-explanatory enough.

From here on out, this is the place where all my projects will be housed, so make sure to come back often.

Washington State Off-Grid House Construction

Initial dirt work getting the site ready to build
Sometimes things don't start off smoothly
I guess it could have been worse
Crawlspace using Faswall ICF
Crawlspace different angle
Initial crawlspace construction
Rim joist and support for 1st floor of house
Crawlspace and 1st floor
Progressing to the second floor
First-floor concrete poor into Faswall
Second story construction progress
Rafters being installed for roof
Basic structure completed
Initial drying in of structure
Putting in vent holes for crawlspace
Roof straps installed (contractor did not do this... an idiot)
Roughed in loft
Progress of loft and adding storage
Framing for the third story deck
Third story decking off of the loft installed and custom sized door
Loft with progress with additional storage being added
Second story framing and initial rough plumbing
Fixing contractors improper outside sealing of Faswall
More fixing improper Faswall sealing on outside
More fixing improper Faswall sealing on outside
My fix for contractor moving septic out line that ruined proper slope
Tearing out contractors improper sealing of crawlspace below grade
Redoing drainage lines, which were also done incorrectly
Putting in vent holes for crawlspace that contractor failed to do
Upclose view of improper Faswall sealing below grade... hot tarring is incorrect
Sealing outside seems in Faswall in preparation for sealing below grade
Sealing below grade with a product called RedGard
Tons of fun and work, thankfully RedGard worked as I thought it would
And the fun continues
Drainage now fixed as well
Plumbing for water well pressure tank
Showing routing of venting for plumping outflow
More plumbing venting routing
Interior electrical panel installation
Sewage line out routing in washroom and bathroom
Strorge, hot water heater, washer and dryer, and crawlspace access framing under stairs
Sewage line venting
Interior framing
Interior framing upstairs, with rough-in electrical and plumbing
Master bath rough-in plumbing
Upstairs framing of closet and bathroom
Downstairs additional insulation added now around R-50 +
Upstairs additional insulation
Roofing insulation R-50
Window framing fix after installed incorrectly by contractor
Sealing window after contractor failed to wrap
Finishing up exterior wrap before installing siding
Using RedGard to seal floor above crawlspace before installing tile (this is the right way to do it)
Utility room with tankless water heater installed
Mapping out the upstairs bathroom... to building code!
Simple living doesn't mean easy!
My custom hand made window sill
My awesome tile install
My custom window sill on a bigger window
My custom closet shelves
My custom closet shelves, window sill, and hangers
Siding done, and fire proof at that!
Installing some additional drainage to a wetter side of the house that doesn't sun exposure
Drainage line downhill away from house
My custom countertop experiment
More custom window sills that I did on main view windows
Now I go big time with my experimental countertops
My custom built TV stand for living room
My custom built desk for my office
All the hand cut and stained pieces to trim out stairs
Not bad if I must say so myself
My custom built bookstand that matches, tv stand, and office desk
Using HVAC piping for commercial applications I made this custom stove pipe cover for the upstairs
Yes, I'm nuts I seal all pressure treated lumber they look way better and don't turn green with time (for deck)
Freeze-free spigot next to the well cap
Freeze-free spigot and homemade well cap security lock
My solution for keeping airflow through crawlspace during winter when not at property
Homemade shooting targets made from extra lumber from building house
Barney on squirrel patrol at the shooting range

Washington State Off-Grid House – Finished Construction

House full view close
House full view
House with front facing view
House deck outside master bedroom
Deck with view of lake
Power shed for solar
Awesome view from deck
Living room
Living room
Living room and kitchen
Kitchen and stairs
Guest bathroom
Master bedroom
Master bedroom view
Master bedroom view
Master bedroom
Master bedroom and bathroom
Master bedroom, bathroom, and closet
Master bedroom and loft
Kitchen up close
My happy place on 3rd story deck off of loft
3rd story loft
My simple home gym

Washington State Off-Grid House – Property Security

One of my cellular wireless cameras and security box
Example showing good placement of security gate
Example of property warnging signage and solar lighting
Example of mounted wireless cellular camera
Example of secondary security gate
Example of primary security gate
Example of a security/game camera image
Example of a security/game camera image

Washington State Off-Grid House – Solar and Wind

Bringing batteries to property in the back of truck... they are heavy!
Framing of battery storage per building code
Hooked up lead-acid storage batteries for off-grid power system
Inside of completed power shed showing battery storage container (finished)
Inside of completed power shed
Initial solar panels on power shed prior to house construction
Completed power shed with all solar panels installed
Outside breaker box for solar panels
Up close of outside breaker box for solar panels
Main electrical panel for house inside power shed
Solar panel charge controller
Inverter for converting DC to AC power for the house and other structures
Completed and passed by county off-grid alternative energy system
Close up of the inverter breakers
Additional moveable solar panels installed after completion of house
Initial framing to hold two additional movable solar panels
Movable base for two additional solar panels
Completed framing for two movable solar panels
Side view of my handbuilt movable solar panel rack
Movable solar panel rack with two 315 watt panels
Front view of movable solar panel rack
Form for wind turbine base
Concrete form for wind turbine base
Poured concrete for wind turbine base
Poured concrete for wind turbine base
Upper portion of wind turbine stanchion with ladder holder at top
My hand scribble drawing on how to not kill myself putting up second half of wind turbine stanchion
Showing second half of stanchion installed
From scribble to reality... worked like a charm!
Installed wind turbine stanchion showing ladder holder being used
Showing how I used off the shelf parts for stanchion support cables
Showing how I used off the shelf parts for stanchion support cables
Showing how I used off the shelf parts for stanchion support cables
Anchor bolt for wind turbine cables - installed in concrete footings
Support cable footing with hardware used
Concrete form for ladder holder
Wind turbine completed
Completed wind turbine in all its glory!
Showing how I used hose clamp to secure wind turbine before tightening bolts
Backup generator and smaller generator for using around property
Installing a couple panels flat to avoid getting covered with snow

Washington State Off-Grid House Projects – Woodshed

Framing for woodshed floor
Flooring screwed and glued down for woodshed
Sealed flooring for woodshed
Truing side walls with ratchet strap
The initial framing of woodshed with lean-to design
Fully framed woodshed
Woodshed siding cheat with nails to hang by myself
Showing triple-braced rafter with hurrican strap
Upclose of hurricane strap for the roof (used extra braces I had laying around)
Sealing the roof - I highly recommend using a self adhesive membrane (it should never leak)
Framing of the woodshed door
Threshold made with extra parts laying around
Showing trick to hanging door when no one to help you (use temorary spacers)
Dried in woodshed
Woodshed with the door open
Completed woodshed with the door open
Woodshed all pretty and competed
Starting small shelves in the woodshed
Finished small shelves inside of the woodshed
Framing for small workbench inside the woodshed
Woodshed workbench made with leftover lumber and parts from other projects
Inside of woodshed
Inside of the finished woodshed

Grid-Tied House Project (Top Secret Location)

Grid-Tied 20 acres undeveloped (panoramic view)... Coming Soon!
Grid-Tied 20 acres undeveloped (panoramic view)... Coming Soon!
Grid-Tied 20 acres undeveloped... Coming Soon!
Grid-Tied 20 acres undeveloped... Coming Soon!
Grid-Tied 20 acres undeveloped... Coming Soon!
Grid-Tied 20 acres undeveloped... Coming Soon!
Grid-Tied 20 acres undeveloped... Coming Soon!
Grid-Tied 20 acres undeveloped... Coming Soon!

Gary’s RV Living

My very first RV in 2012 18' travel trailer
RV park first full time RV living
Very first RV setup at RV park after going full nomad
RV waterline fitting to take pressure off hose
RV park power, sewage, and water hookups
Easy DIY RV wheel covers
Easy DIY RV wheel covers
Heat tape for RV incoming water line
RV sewage and water hookups
RV park power, sewage, and water hookups
BBQ table for RV (Brand - GCI Outdoor)
RV backup generator with RV ready plug
Current truck and RV setup
What happens when black RV door window frames exposed to hot weather... see the warping and splitting at bottom of frames
Replacement window frames for RV door... white works much better when exposed to sunlight and heat for a prolonged period of time
Using PVC pipe to pest and pet-proof power lines for your RV


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