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E5: Marketing Expert Jim Kukral Shares How to Stand Out In the Crowd

E5: Marketing Expert Jim Kukral Shares How to Stand Out In the Crowd

Jim Kukral is recognized as an expert in online marketing and branding. He delivers insightful and entertaining keynotes to growth-oriented organizations on attention-getting marketing, creative branding, and understanding how customers think, react and most importantly, buy.

With a passion for speaking and teaching, Jim travels around the world to teach brands and business owners on how they can apply his UNSKIPPABLE method to their marketing and brand mission to generate positive ROI-based outcomes and purposely attract lifetime customers.

Topics Discussed with Jim Kukral

  • A bit about who Jim is
  • His latest book “Unskippable”
  • His foray into politics, and what he learned
  • Dealing with stress, which eventually leads to a panic attack
  • Balancing being an entrepreneur with your family obligations
  • Some words of wisdom for those interested in being an entrepreneur and/or author

More About Jim Kukral:

  • One of the top experts (24+ years) in creative marketing and Web business building
  • A ten-time author of books on marketing, entrepreneurship, motivation, and publishing
  • An adjunct professor (10+ years) for The University of San Francisco’s Internet Marketing Online Program
  • An award-winning blogger and producer of popular content that has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Brandweek, BusinessWeek,, Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc. and more
  • A well-accomplished business owner who started and sold two online marketing agencies with hundreds of employees
  • A rehabilitated politician who won his first election by a landslide then lost his last election by 35 votes
  • A dynamic keynote speaker on creative marketing, that delivers a “gentle kick to the brain” message that leaves guests with pages of notes to take back to the office to implement
  • A father of two and happily married (21-years) husband who likes to go fishing in his spare time

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E4: How to Focus on What Matters in Your Life


In this episode, I interview Patrick Fitzgibbons of the CJevolution Podcast. We discuss cutting out the BS to determine your purpose and build a life that matters.

Patrick is a retired law enforcement officer with approximately 23 years of experience. He holds an MBA in business and an MA in organizational leadership and is a lifelong learner. Patrick is a part-time professor in higher education and is dedicated to coaching and mentoring the next generation of law enforcement professionals.

Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife Jennifer and their children, outdoor activities and of course, being the host of CJEvolution.

Topics Discussed with Patrick Fitzgibbons: 

  • Patrick’s background and experience as a Police Officer
  • The importance of finding your life purpose
  • What is Patrick’s life purpose today
  • Focusing on the things that matter
  • The importance of mindfulness
  • Envisioning your future and success
  • Focusing on the things that matter and changing what you are in control of

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E3: How to Free Your Money Using Non-traditional Strategies

E3: How to Free Your Money Using Non-traditional Strategies

In this episode, I interview Richard Rosso of RIA Advisors, a financial planning firm that uses non-traditional techniques to help people meet their financial needs now and long-term.

Richard has been in the financial services industry for 26 years. He is a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Investment Management Analyst. Richard has helped individuals and families make holistic financial decisions working for companies like Dreyfus and Charles Schwab.

He has been part of the RIA Advisors family since November 2012. Richard is a featured writer for MarketWatch and a contributor to Money Magazine,, Nerdwallet, Christian Science Monitor and USA Today. He is featured regularly on Houston television and radio, including Fox, KPRC, KHOU and 740AM KTRH. He has been quoted in and interviewed for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New Yorker Magazine. Richard is a personal finance manager and senior investment advisor for RIA Advisors. Richard M. Rosso, MS, CFP, CIMA Senior Financial Advisor RIA Advisors, LLC.

Topics Discussed with Richard Rosso:

  • A little about Richard
  • How we met
  • The disarray of today’s financial world
  • Why your house is not an investment
  • How life long debt is killing the American Dream

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E2: How Best-selling Author AC Fuller Lives a Simple Life

How Best-selling Author AC Fuller Lives a Simple Life

In this episode, I introduce you to Amazon Best-selling Thriller Author AC (Adam) Fuller. Adam was a journalist in New York, he now writes fiction at the intersection of media, politics, and technology. Before he began writing full time, he was an adjunct professor of journalism at NYU and an English teacher at Northwest Indian College. 

He is also the creator of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast, which ran from 2014 to 2016 and was consistently one of the top independent writing podcasts in the country.

In addition to NYU, A.C. has taught writing for the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, the Write in the Harbor Conference, the Royal City Literary Arts Society, the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network, and many local libraries. He lives with his wife, two children, and two dogs near Seattle.

Topics Discussed with Author AC Fuller: 

  • A little about Adam
  • How we met
  • Our new and exciting thriller series project
  • How Adam lives the simple life to be an efficient writer

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E1:Introduction to Your Better Life Podcast

Your Better Life Podcast Episode 1

In this episode, I introduce you to my brand-new spanking podcast Your Better Life: Make it Simple Stupid.

No, I’m not calling you stupid… well, yet, just kidding. Obviously, this is a play on words from the well-known saying – “Keep It Simple Stupid” which was often spoken during my career in the military and federal law enforcement. Unlike, my time in the federal government, I actually mean it. Yes, the irony was the KISS principle was thrown around all the time, and yet nothing was ever simple during my career, quite the opposite… just imagine filling out a pointless timesheet (I was on salary) that had to be filled out in three different places!

Your Better Life Topics Discussed: 

  • What is the podcast about
  • Who am I
  • The rules
  • Types of guests and topics

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