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3 Crazy Things I Learned Writing My Next Book


This email will be short and sweet, as I wanted to make sure you are up to date on what I have been up to as of late. I’m really excited for the remainder of 2019, and 2020 is shaping up to be a massive year for The Simple Life and you here in The Simple Circle.

During my seven months of living in the mountains at my “off-grid” location, I have been busy working on my next book for you. Trust me, I don’t write these books for my peers or myself… that wouldn’t help anyone.

I consider this book to be my best, but at the same time, the hardest I have ever done for you. In my usual fashion, I’m taking a complicated subject and breaking it down into the purest and easiest to digest form so that you can put your plan into action immediately, with the information provided. When it comes to our financial institutions and the perceived “American Dream,” we are being sold a bill of goods that is filled with lies and making us broke along the way.

Bottom line – we are slowly being fleeced every step of the way to keep us in the perpetual cycle of debt, bondage, servitude, and subjugation. Think of financial institutions and our consumer-based economy as the heroin dealers looking to get you hooked on their drug…

Luckily, my years as a criminal investigator have given me the insight to see through the BS and put together the pieces for you to succeed and live a simpler life. You’ll have the tools you need to defeat the “grid-masters.”

And that’s the mission here: help you live the better life you want.

But many people in these industries do not like me, because I’m giving you the tools to find the fastest route to financial freedom!

While writing this book, I found some crazy things I didn’t expect, and here are the top three:

  1. The “American Dream,” your house is more than likely making you broke… for life!
  2. The average American woman will spend eight years of her life shopping. (Guys, we do some insane things too…)
  3. Men spend way, way more on personal care products and fashion than I ever imagined. (Are you manscaping or crafting intricate hedge mazes, fellas? …wait… don’t answer that.)

I’m in the final stages of getting this book completed and ready for you. It should be available in the next couple of months. For those interested in getting this book for free and being on my Advanced Reader Team, make sure to be on the lookout for the details soon.

My First Audio Book Is Now Available

The Simple Life Guide To RV Living

Since I started publishing my own books years ago, people have been asking when and if I was going to do audio versions… well that day has come! The first book in audio is The Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolution. To purchase The Guide To RV Living on Audible simple click HERE.

My next book The Simple Life Guide To Financial Freedom will also be available in audio (see the cover below). I will try my best to get the remainder of my books in audio as soon as possible. But as a lot of you know I do a lot of the work on my books myself. That means there is no publishing company paying for everything, just me, which can delay things at times. The big upside, is it allows me to control my content and own 100% of everything I do. 

The Simple Life Guide To Financial Freedom

A quick update: There are a lot of exciting changes coming to The Simple Life, so make sure to sign up for my newsletter if you are reading this on the blog. The Simply Gary podcast is slated to come out in September, I’m excited to get going on that and have some really interesting guests talking about all things related to living the simple life. I want my podcast to be a place of learning new things and stretching our imaginations, as we float around on this rock in an infinite universe.

There will be much more coming in the near future, as always I will make sure to announce them here on the blog. If you have any questions or have something you want to share make sure to post them in the comments section, or if you getting this via the newsletter just hit reply and it will come my way.

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My Next Speaking Engagement – Albany, Oregon August 3rd and 4th


Albany, Oregon – August 3rd and 4th

I’ve been keeping busy at my off the grid house in the mountains. Getting close to finishing my deck, and my next book is almost done – The Simple Life Guide To Financial Freedom, which I think is going to be a game changer for a lot of people. If you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter (click here) I highly recommend you do as that is where you find out about all my updates.


Is It Possible To Have Too Much Free Time?


After dedicating myself for the last 5 years to building my off the grid dream house, I decided to hyper-focus on my business in 2019. I even went a step further, after realizing I had let my business slide during the last 2 years of my project, by deciding to work for a year straight. No vacations, no full days off just one year of pure dedication to getting my Simple Life message out and growing the business.


Two Free Webinars – Your Life, Your Legacy and The Fitness Journey


Recently I was interviewed for two free webinars – Your Life, Your Legacy and The Fitness Journey. I usually don’t participate in these, but I thought you (A Simple Life insider) could definitely benefit from some of the information provided. Plus, I do give my insights on living the simple life, living off the grid and primal health during my two interviews. If you are a new follower of mine and being a part of the simple life insider group this might be a way for you to learn a little bit more about me. The description and the signup links are provided below.