Lifeline TNT Resistance Cable System


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The Lifeline TNT Cable System is proven to be better than weights for developing size, strength and power, according to Kevin Pasquay, Performance Director at the Sports Science Center.

I have personally used the Lifeline TNT resistance band system for years, and always have a set with me in my truck or when I’m traveling for business or pleasure. I also recommend the TNT bands for all my clients to include college level football players who are amazed at the resistance contained in this simple product.

If you are on a budget or don’t have access to a gym I cannot recommend this product enough. It is the most affordable, and simple adjustable resistance exercise product I have found. Combine this with one of the jump ropes I sell and you have all you need to get a great workout.

Work your arms and shoulders with uppercuts, bicep curls and frontal raises. Then, build your lower body strength with lunges and squat presses. The revolutionary TNT Cable System by Lifeline provides 120 pounds of adjustable resistance at a far better value than free weights. Need to modify the intensity of your workouts? You can easily vary the number of cables used-or switch them out with a new set.

TNT Cable System Comes With:

  • Three 5 ft. cables (40lbs. peak resistance each)
  • Two 3-in-1 ergonomically designed
  • Triple Grip handles One door attachment
  • Follow this link scroll  down to TNT Cable Systems//Exercise for how to use and demonstration exercises.