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Two Things Stopping You From Living The Simple Life

Two Things Stopping You From Living The Simple Life

Simple living is easy, well easier than today’s modern lifestyle, but getting there sometimes is not. I know from the questions I usually get on the subject most people want to live a simpler and happier lifestyle, but they are not sure where to start. I must emphasize this – anytime you make a fairly drastic change in your life there is a pain in the beginning – nothing that improves your life long term comes easy, it takes work and perseverance.

I have found there are two main things that stop people dead in their tracks when pursuing what I like to call “The Simple Life.” I plan to expand on these two simple living killers in a future book, but I want to share some of the basics for you to get started on your journey of happiness, and freedom.

Your Health

For those of you who have heard my numerous interviews over the years, this is not something new. I find it amazing most people are dumbfounded when I say the most important place for you to start your journey to a better life is your health. I can tell you from decades of experience in the area of health and wellness, this is the area almost everyone battles on a daily basis. I say this with great emphasis – your health will affect you in everything you do in life, so that is why you must start here. How can you pursue your dreams and live simply if you are on 3-5 prescription medications (what most Americans are on today), overweight (2/3 of Americans), obese (1/3 of Americans), suffering from depression (1 out of 10 Americans and rising), and can’t live more then 10 miles from a major hospital?

The simple answer is you can’t! Here is the non-candy coated reason why almost no one starts here… because it is hard, really hard to change your health.

You have spent decades destroying your health by eating nutrition empty sugar \-loaded processed foods, not exercising, and you don’t want to change… well at least not your health. Almost everyone tries to shortcut changing their health for the better on the path to having more time and freedom in their life. As Americans, we seem to think the easy road is the way to go. I’m here to tell you it isn’t, you need to put on your big boy pants and suck it up. I know it is hard, we have become sugar addicts, and studies have shown sugar impacts your brain chemistry similar to taking heroin or cocaine. No wonder your health is the hardest thing for you to gain control of.

Here is the upside – if there is one thing you are in total control of in your life it is your health. You are the one who makes the decision on what you are going put in your mouth, and how physically active you are going to be. Oh I know you are just too busy, you don’t eat unhealthy like everyone else and you will get to it after you have some more money and free time. I have heard all the excuses known to man, and they are just that – excuses!

Trust me on this if you want more freedom and live the life you want you to need to get your health in order first. That is why I have included The Guide To Optimal Health in my The Simple Life book series. In the future, there will be at least one more health book in the series, because it is that important.

Your Finances

Here is an alarming statistic: it is estimated as much of 60% of the American population has less than $1,000 in their bank account and zero saved for retirement. Oh boy, are we in trouble! Just like your health, if your finances are in bad shape it is pretty much impossible to live a simple happy life. Now I’m not talking about the famous line from the movie Wall Street “greed is good.” What I’m saying is money runs the world today and has for a very long time – no fighting it, it’s a fact.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be happy, but it is sure easier than being dirt poor and constantly losing sleep trying to figure out how you are going to pay your bills. There is that famous saying “anyone who tells you money can’t buy happiness never had any.” I don’t know anyone who yearns to be poor, but surprisingly most Americans pursue being unhappy and destitute with unbridled passion.

We have been brainwashed to be the ultimate consumer and spend, spend, spend! I know as I write this in order to feed this consumer beast people want the minimum wage to be around $15.00 an hour. Now you are talking to a guy who made $3.35 in his first job as a young bright-eyed teenager. Don’t try and make this into some political discussion about a working wage, or today’s changing job market, that it is not. The point I’m attempting to make is most Americans make plenty of money, just like our glorious fiscally broken federal government it is not a revenue problem, but a spending issue.

Let’s apply some basic math to the proposed minimum wage. For example, let’s say you and your wife are brand new to the labor market and are making the proposed minimum wage of $15 an hour. If you only worked 40 hours a week, which is not the norm in today’s world more in the 50-60 range for a lot of people (another topic for another time).

Here is the equation we will use 40 hours x2 (for husband and wife or two people living together) x $15 (hourly wage) x 14 (days for two week pay period x 26 (work periods in a year) = $62,400 a year.

I grew up pretty poor, and this to me is a lot of money, especially when you consider this is what is proposed as a starting wage. Again this is not to disparage or argue for or against the proposed minimum wage, this is to prove a point.

Today the average person will work for 40-45 years in America. Let’s use the low end of 40 years, so that means for a couple the equation for life estimated gross earnings is $62,400 x 40 = $2,496,000!

That is right even if you split that in half for one person if you never make anything but $15 an hour you have the potential to be a millionaire in America! Let that sink in for a second, we do not have an income problem, again I repeat this we have a spending problem.

I have a book coming in the future on the topic of Financial Freedom and the 5 Things That Are Making You Broke and How to Fix it.

With this being said, why does the average American have less than $1,000 in the bank or save for retirement? Because we are not living within our financial means, which I can say with a fair amount of confidence is causing you to NOT reach your goal of living the life you want.

So get your health and finances in order first, and then you can start to pursue your future life of freedom, happiness, and simplicity.

There will be much more in the future on numerous topics to make your life easier and to hopefully make your dreams come true. Make sure to stay connected, and if you know someone you believe can benefit from this information make sure to share it.

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  1. I recently purchased the Journal(#57) and 6 book bundle. I started using the journal a few days ago, read all the books and listened to about 75% of your podcasts. I really enjoy what you are teaching and finding your work has come at a good time in my life. Working on cutting the monthly expenses ( I do own a home in Huntington Beach, so getting killed on mtg and taxes) and working on maybe becoming a renter before leaving Ca in a few years when my son is on his own. I especially like the 7 question check list for impulse purchases…I may make a laminated card for my wallet. Anyway…..glad that I found your teachings.

    1. Hey William, I’m glad to hear you are doing great using The Simple Life Journal… that is what I designed it for, so it always nice to hear from someone who is having success with it. Making a laminated card for your wallet is a great idea, you can’t miss it that way 🙂 Thanks again for the kind words, and wish you the best on your path to The Simple Life!

  2. You make very valid points. Im a diabetic type2 and I dont kid myself a lot of my misery is caused by eating what I shouldn’t and not being active as much as I should. I like to know that some level of freedom is possible, and reach for that, instead of reaching for the newest gimmick on sale. I have compassion for the people who indeed cannot find freedom, for very valid reasons such as genetic conditions. IM lucky that I can change my future, and maybe someday simple living will be a reality for me.Thanks for giving us alternatives to think about.

    1. Hey Chandrika,

      I’m sure you are well aware that type 2 diabetes is not a genetic condition, but a lifestyle type of diabetes. You are the road to some really terrible health issues, so you need to draw your line in the sand and take some positive action. You really need to read my book The Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health. I wrote it for people just like you, it is an all-encompassing book that gives you all the information you need no gimmicks or BS, I don’t roll like that 🙂 I really do hope you make the change, trust me if you do you will never look back.

    2. I’ve found that the very biggest obstacle to living simple is being attached to a person that doesn’t get it. One marriage and several live in girlfriends have taught me, that living alone is the very foundation of living simple. I date, but I will not live with a reckless consumer. I’m much better off for it.

  3. ‘If there is one thing you are in total control of in your life it is your health”. Really? A Type 1 diabetic is in total control their health? People with mental illnesses like Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia and the like are in total control of their health? People born with diseases and defects are in total control of their health? All they have to do is not eat sugar? Don’t you think that is not only simplistic and naive but judgmental as well? There are many, many reasons people have health issues and they are NOT all under that persons control. I suffer from an autoimmune disease that runs in my family and I have a heart issue I was born with. Both greatly affect my life in a negative way even after I have done all I can to address them. Trust me, not eating sugar is not going to fix them.

    1. Oh Marcy, honestly… really, you just wasted a bunch of time whining and making excuses, which is what people do who refuse to take control of their life and health. Anyone with one ounce of common sense would know I’m not talking about about permanent genetic conditions. So, let me get this straight, since you have a condition(s), which I have a couple as well, but I don’t whine about them, or make a list of excuses, you just throw in the towel? So by not following a proper diet and exercise program that you can do within the limitations of your condition you are telling everyone it doesn’t help. Absolute BS, please go pet a big fluffy unicorn, as this is not the place for you. This is a place where people come to find information and make change for the positive no matter how difficult or painful it may be.

    1. I’m guessing you are looking for vitamin b17 for its possible cancer fighting properties… correct? You can get good amounts of amygdalin (vitamin b17 is not real it is a made up vitamin) from apricot kernels, they are easily found at any health food store, and they are pretty tasty. I honestly don’t trust any of the brands that sell it in supplement form calling it vitamin b17, as they make a lot of claims, which I’m not a fan of. They are praying on people suffering from cancer there is no evidence amygdalin (b17) helps treat cancer. I eat apricot kernels on occasion because I like them 🙂 There are a lot of hucksters out there, so always do your homework.

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