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My Off The Grid Project – Painful Faswall Crawl Space Fix

Being that I’m in the sticks it would have been difficult to pore a slab, and a place where it can get pretty cold in the winter so I decided to go with a crawl space. I did this for two primary reasons: 1) As I said above, it would have been really difficult and expensive to pore a slab. 2) I wanted to have easy access to pipes and plumbing if anything ever went wrong. Great idea, well if my contractor would have done it correctly. So what started out as a great idea turned into a huge fix as I outline below and show in this video.

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My Off The Grid Project – Improper Window Installation in Faswall Brick

Well, this season has been a long one fixing a ton of issues by my very infamous and prior general contractor. It has been painful, and pretty expensive. I think this video shows you just how difficult it can be to fix incompetent and crappy work done by a contractor. The solution, in order to properly seal and case the windows, cost pretty much the same as the original windows, doors to include installation and that was doing a lot of the work myself.

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Off The Grid Project – Using Green Building Materials With Concrete

Here is Episode 13 of “Gary’s Off The Grid Project.”

Using green building products for off the grid construction is definitely a great way to go. I’m learning a lot of new information when it comes to building remotely. Yes, I have had two other houses built in the past from scratch, but I will admit this is an entirely different process. In this video I show you more about the Faswall recycled brick product, and the process of filling the cells with concrete.

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