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A New Life Journey: Why I Decided To Start My “Off The Grid Project”

Primal Power Method Off The Grid

* I want to start with a disclaimer: This series of blog posts will be raw and unedited. I want these snippets I share with you to be original, and from a place of organic unedited thought. For you English majors, be gentle and remember I majored in nothing that could ever be confused with creative writing or English composition.

So where did the idea for my “Off The Grid Project” come from? From those now popular “living in the wild in Alaska” shows? Because I want to completely detach myself from society and hate people? Neither. The answer is pretty simple actually, because I wanted to. I will do my best to describe to you how I arrived at the decision to attempt to live off the grid, because there are many factors.

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Amazon Supplement Scams

Why You Should Never buy Supplements on Amazon or eBay! A Must-Read by Former FDA Special Agent Gary Collins

In today’s difficult economy, everyday folks seeking a health-and-energy boost may be hesitant to purchase “expensive” vitamins and supplements from “upscale” stores and distribution outlets. Instead, honest folks turn to Internet sites such as Amazon and eBay to purchase vitamins on the cheap for themselves and their kids. I urge you not to do this!
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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Going Primal

1. Confusing Primal with Paleo

Primal and Paleo play in the same playground, but while Paleo folks are making sure the sandbox is gluten and dairy free we are doing back flips off the jungle gym. Simply, Primal is a lifestyle following the primal eating habits, movement patterns and mental aspects of our ancient descendants. Paleo is more focused on the diet of the Paleolithic Period, hence the term Paleo. We incorporate the Paleo diet into the Primal lifestyle, but with some tweaks, which I think makes the diet part easier to follow.

Primal Power Method 5 Mistakes People Make When Going Primal

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