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My “Going Off The Grid” Book Is Now Available Get Your Copy Today!

My new book “Going Off The Grid” is finally here! This off the grid adventure started 10 years ago when I wanted to get back to a simpler life, such as I had growing up. There were a lot of stops and starts, but I kept at it, and finally made it happen. During the process of my project I noticed a lot of people showing interest in what I was doing, so I started documenting my progress. That is where the idea of my “Going Off The Grid” book came from.

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My Off The Grid Project – Utility Trailer Modifications

As those who are trying to live a simpler more remote lifestyle know, the work on your property never ends. You are always trying to come up with ways to make things easier and more cost effective when possible. A good utility trailer is a must for people living out in the sticks, but they can be pretty expensive for a good one, even used. I found a new utility trailer for close to the price of beat up used one some years back. The problem was the side rails were pretty low as it was primarily made for hauling small all terrain vehicles.

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My Off The Grid Project – Improper Window Installation in Faswall Brick

Well, this season has been a long one fixing a ton of issues by my very infamous and prior general contractor. It has been painful, and pretty expensive. I think this video shows you just how difficult it can be to fix incompetent and crappy work done by a contractor. The solution, in order to properly seal and case the windows, cost pretty much the same as the original windows, doors to include installation and that was doing a lot of the work myself.

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