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How To Make Compost For Your Home Garden

Primal Power Method Garden Compost

Creating your own garden compost is about easy as it gets. You have all the materials you need in your garbage can, and in your yard. Not only is it free, but also helps reduce the amount of trash you throw away, and that gets put into land fills.

As you gain experience with gardening, I recommend you consider creating a compost pile. Compost is decayed organic matter that provided nutrients to plants; it is one of the organic gardener’s chief means of establishing a productive soil.

Nature engages in an eternal composting cycle as each year’s vegetative growth returns to the soil at the end of its life: trees drop their leaves and herbaceous plants die back. This spent plant material returns the goodness that went into creating them back to the earth to be used again and again.

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The First Step In The Off The Grid Mindset: Simplify Your Life

Primal Power Method Off The GridWhen you are thinking about living off the grid, or even contemplating starting a more self-sufficient lifestyle, I think you need a solid starting point. As I preach in my The Simple Life book series, it is always better to have a plan and take it slow in the beginning.

Many people today, with our instant gratification thought process, forget that great things come with time and perseverance.

The journey of what I’m attempting with my “off the grid project” started several years ago when I decided to downsize and simplify my life. After owning several homes that were much bigger than I needed, and filled with crap that I would never use, I decided it was time for a change.

Consume, Consume and Consume Some More!

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Interview Talking Paleo and Permaculture with Jack Spirko Creator of the The Survival Podcast

Primal Power Method The Survival Podcast Header

Click on player below to listen to full audio of interview…

Gary Collins:  All right, I’m here with Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast.  Thanks for being on today Jack.

Jack Spirko:  Hi Gary.  I’m glad to be here man.

Gary Collins:  Yeah, we’re going to be talking about a little bit of permaculture today.  I think it’s good for my followers and listeners.  Jack has kind of an interesting background as well, as how he got into what he does.  And if you could Jack, could you just briefly explain The Survival Podcast and what you do?

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