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Off The Grid Project – Operation “Downsizing” Is Complete – Are You Ready To Start?

I know it has been a while since my last blog post, but it has been a pretty hectic last couple of weeks. I’m now in Washington State staying at an RV Park close to my “off the grid” property getting ready for season 2. Checkout the photo of my view below! In the second photo my property is where that cleared patch close to the top, on the right of the mountain.

I finished up my downsizing phase, I will be talking about it below and show you how to get started.

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Financial Health Series: Episode 1 – The 5 Things You Do To Lose Money (Mortgages)

Approximately seven in ten Americans report that money is a significant source of stress (71 percent), according to the American Psychological Association. That is why I’m launching my Financial Health Series with Shawn Perkins, a personal financial advisor.

Chronic stress has been shown to cause chronic disease and wreaks havoc with your psychological and physical health. The Primal Power Method focuses on nutrition and exercise, but is also about pursuing a truly healthy and happy life. Financial stress affects all of us at some point, so this is a great series to get your finances in order, which will ultimately lessen your stress, and make you a healthier person inside and out.

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How to Find Your Dream Off The Grid Property

Primal Power Method Living Off The Grid

Since I started my “Off The Grid Project” many of you have asked me how I found the my property. A few of you have even noted that it looks amazing, and I’d like to humbly agree. The best part it didn’t cost nearly what most of you think, and it is in the affordable price range for nearly everyone.

But as to the question of how I actually found it… Well, that is not an easy question to answer. It didn’t happen overnight, and there is no magic formula for finding a great place to get off the grid. As I have discussed previously, my property is unique to my wants and desires, and yours should be specific to your own goals as well.

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Better Sex, Boosted Fertility, And An Easier Menopause (Part 2)

Primal Power Method Better Sex Bossted Fertility

Researcher Louis Guillette of the University of Florida is internationally recognized for his work in comparative reproductive biology and developmental endocrinology. In the mid 1990’s Guillette told a congressional committee that the sperm counts of healthy American males have fallen around one percent per year since 1942.

He notes the same holds true for men in 20 other industrialized countries. In the U.S., over nine million men and women of reproductive age are affected by infertility.

Why is this happening? What is causing sperm counts to drop? Fertility clinics are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society, as more and more couples struggle to conceive. However, this was not always the case.

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How to Not Let Everyday Stress Sabotage Your Health Routine

As my friends and family know, my favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. This is the one day where I let it all go with no inhibitions, or worry about what I’m putting into my mouth. I just flat out go for it. Of course I pay for it the next day, but it is well worth it. In my philosophy I prescribe that people should have a day such as this from time to time, we only get to live once we shouldn’t have to worry about our food choices 24/7.

Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year I have my special routine I go through in order to prepare myself. I eat a small dinner the night before and go on a fast until the Thanksgiving meal is served. In addition, I wake up early the day of Thanksgiving and go to the gym to get a good workout in before I stuff myself silly.

Per my routine, I woke up early on Thanksgiving day in order to go to the gym, but when I walked up to my vehicle I noticed something odd. My passenger side window was missing and seemed to be scattered on the ground. Oh no, not a good start to my favorite holiday of the year. After being angry for about 5 minutes I realized there was nothing I could do, what was done was done. I then called the local Sheriff’s Department and patiently waited for them to arrive. During this time I didn’t stew or work myself into a tizzy, I just retrieved the vacuum cleaner and prepared for cleanup after the Sheriff’s Deputy had taken his report. Once the report was done I cleaned up the mess and realized my gym time was pretty much shot and I wouldn’t be able to get my workout in and make it to Thanksgiving on time.

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