Primal Power Method Dwayn Chambers Weight Loss Testimonial
I was in need of losing weight and getting in better shape. I have worked out in the past, but my busy life and kids got in the way of being consistent. Besides that, I had no clue what to do as far as diet. I thought I was eating right, but sometimes what you think is right, is sending you in the wrong direction. I needed help. I turned to my longtime friend, Gary Collins to help straighten me out, both diet and workout wise. He explained the basics of his diet plan and said that if I followed that and worked 30 minutes a day I could achieve the results I was looking for. I bought his book and decided that I would follow his plan and see how it turned out. For the next 8 weeks, I completely changed how I ate and worked out 30-45 minutes a day, mixing in cardio and light weight training. After the first week, just getting sugar, dairy and bread out of my diet, I managed to lose 7 lbs. Losing weight was not a goal, but over the course of 8 weeks, I lost 13 lbs. I could not believe the transition in such a short amount of time. This plan is simple. I did not have to take the time to drive to the gym, I did everything at home, or eat tasteless meals. I simply removed key things and added a few healthy choices and the fat melted off.
As a salesman on the road and eating based on convenience, I needed a drastic change. I worked with Mr. Collins one on one and followed his Primal Power Method philosophy. I don’t say this lightly, but he has changed my life in such an amazing way words can’t quantify. In 8 short weeks I completely change my health and body appearance. If you are on the hamster wheel of bad health, I can’t recommend enough to hire Mr. Collins as a one on one health consultant. His books are the best I have ever read in the area of nutrition and health, best part the material is very easy to understand. The Primal Power Method will change your life forever like it has mine!
This book is excellent. I’m an MD and own a CrossFit facility, so I have a pretty good idea what I’m talking about. Gary Collins has distilled the “secret” to living a healthier life, into a book that is easy to read and straightforward. As a former government employee for both the FDA and Health and Human services (the organization that makes the rules of Medicare, and therefore has a huge influence on the “economics of health”), Mr. Collins is in perhaps the best position to truly understand that our government, current nutritional advice and healthcare industries are completely backwards and exploitative when it comes to our well-being.Mr. Collins’ advice runs contrary to much of what we all hear in the mainstream. This may cause one to question the validity of his information. However, I submit to you that if mainstream advice is correct, why are we simply getting fatter, more unhealthy, and more dissatisfied with our lives? Give the “Primal Power Method” a chance. If I’m wrong, you’ll be out a few bucks and be right back where you started. If I’m right… your life will be immeasurably changed for the better. You have nothing to lose, simply the decision to make if you want to go on living the way you’ve always been, or if you want to take control and live your life the way it was meant to be.
"After about a year and half of living the paleo lifestyle, I'd run up against a wall. Although I had made some real progress (I'd lost forty pounds, was hiking, sprinting and doing hundreds of pushups, along with some martial arts). My progress began to slow down. I was confused, and stuck. Most likely because of too much conflicting info, from too many "expert" sources, A short time back, My wife and I had the good fortune to meet the author of The "Primal Power Method" Gary Collins, at a Starbucks coffee shop, here in our hometown. I shared my dilemma with Gary, and He graciously asked me to lay out my eating and workout regimen. In a matter of seconds, Gary had me totally redialed and excited again! His book "The Primal power Method" is fantastic! It has a natural flow to it, not found in most other books in its category. Its straight forward and authoritative, and all the info is based on Gary's personal research and self experimentation. In other words, t's not just a book full of stuff he googled and then called his own. I am pleased to say that I feel like I am back track again with my eating and fitness practices, and my wife says that Gary's book is the only one she needs to help her stay on track too. Thanks Gary!!!
Once you taste the Primal Power Method you’ll never go back!
  • Surf Town Triathlon – 8/25/2013 Swim: 500m
  • Bike: 15k
  • Run: 5k
  • Time: 58:42
A huge thanks to Gary! During this morning’s race I noticed a significant positive change in my endurance and overall strength…The Primal Power Method is the right method!
Overall, this book certainly ranks up there on my list of recommended books. I thought it was an easy read, but still captured my interest and challenged me with some new information at times. While I was reading Primal Power Method, I kept thinking that this would make the perfect gift for someone looking to get healthy and change their life. So many topics and facts were touched upon, that I kept thinking that there’s a lot of information that I’ve wanted to share with people, and it’s all right here in this book!
Thanks to Gary and the Primal Power Method, I see nutrition in a different light. I have strived to be healthy and fit for the last four years and I can honestly say that for the first time, I understand why it’s healthy to follow a Primal/Paleo lifestyle. The most compelling feature in this book is that Gary keeps everything simple and honest. I definitely see food and supplements differently! I’m excited to start my new Primal journey to improve my CrossFit game and my overall health!
My parents brought on Mr. Collins as a consultant to help me achieve my dream of playing football for a major college. Mr. Collins has been my nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach for several months. With the culmination of what he has taught and by following the philosophy of the Primal Power Method I made huge improvements in strength and speed. The result, I not only got one offer from a major college football team, but also had many others. I’m proud to say I’m a member of the Purdue University Football Team. Mr. Collins’ knowledge of nutrition and athletic performance is hands down the best I have seen and been a part of. I hope to work with Mr. Collins throughout my college career and possibly take my talents to the next level.
A good friend told me about The Primal Power Method. The Primal Power Method book is incredibly easy to read and follow. The section about supplements solidified my beliefs that you should never cut corners when it comes to supplements and Gary is definitely one of the most sought after experts in this area. I’m Looking forward to better health and building a long relationship with Gary and the Primal Power Method. You are doing so much for the health of Americans. It’s shocking that you once worked at the FDA. My goodness- the insights, and information you have!
Gary’s Primal Power Method has been an incredible resource for me as a college basketball coach and aging athlete. Because of his expertise Gary has become a consultant to our basketball team and provided our guys with valuable nutrition information. In addition, he has been an unbelievable speaker in my Health and Wellness 101 classes. My students keep asking me to invite him back, and even as a “Health Professional” I learn from him every time he visits too! He is the best!
Gary Collins’ Primal Power Method provides a nutrition and workout plan that’s both applicable to being on a nutrient dense diet consisting of real foods, but also practical to maintain in the world that we live in. Gary makes a valuable piece of advice when he emphasizes to avoid extremes, which is key to be able to have a nutritional lifestyle and exercise routine that you’ll stick to. And his book stands out from others as Gary emphasizes that you need both the proper diet and a consistent exercise schedule in order to maintain maximum health.
My favorite part of Gary’s book is the lengthy section on supplements, a subject that’s always confounded me with the overwhelming number and variety of options out there. What supplements do you need? What do you look for in a product? What’s safe and what’s not? Gary, a former Special Agent for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, demystifies these points and reveals the regulation process behind dietary supplements. I was shocked by what I learned, but also relieved to finally have the straight scoop. I’ll also feel more confident in choosing supplements from now on.
As expected from one who is a member of the Nutritional Therapy Association, and Weston A. Price Foundation, and one well-schooled in health, nutrition and exercise, Gary does an exceptionally good job of presenting in a clear and concise way the importance of proper nutrition, and what to look for in terms of diet and nutritional support. Gary’s information is well-organized and would serve as a good primer or refresher for material covered in Nutritional Therapy Practitioner training. I particularly appreciated his “Primal Points,” which literally jumped off the page by placement in a bright red box.
Thank you Gary and the Primal Power Method for all your nutritional and exercise support! The Primal Power Method is a concise and well written book that answered questions I have had for years. I have recommended the Primal Power Method to all my friends and family, because it’s so easy to understand for the everyday individual. It’s also nice to have someone that can answer all my other questions regarding food and nutritional products. The Primal Power Method website has all the best products out there and look forward to trying them all.
When I found Gary’s Primal Power Method, I loved how it provides simple, realistic, and nutritionally sound principles that I can apply today! My sugar cravings were out of control! After the first 11 days, without sugar, refined flour and grains, immediately I noticed less gut bloating and digestive discomfort. The biggest change is, now I am in control of the sugar, because the cravings are gone! And, I lost my first 5 pounds…and I’m excited about the positive changes still to come! Thank you Gary!
Wow, I stopped on my way home to LA and while waiting for lunch to be served, I started to read the Primal Power Method book it was unbelievable: I sat there for over 2 hours going over your stuff and it was super exciting. It was like holding a mirror in front of my brain, mind, or whatever I should call it. It was like reading my own methodology magically written down to paper! It’s kinda mind-blowing. Years of studying, self-experimenting and whatever else that lead to my current beliefs is hold on paper in your work. Crazy. So, I just wanted to let you know how great your textbooks are and to repeat my offer to help and support you whenever I can. I’m educating my clients within the same lines of thought and it’s great to know that there’s guy out there capturing all these important ideas. Keep up the good work!
When I started on my new path to health I didn’t know where to start. There are so many books and websites today, it makes it very difficult for the average consumer. A friend recommended that I get the Primal Power Method book Unlocking the Ancient Secret to Health. My friend had a great deal of success and said it was straight forward and easy to follow. The Primal Power Method is not just simple, it flat out works. I lost 3 inches off my waist and I feel amazing, I have more energy than I have ever had before. I highly recommend the Primal Power Method no matter what your level of health is, as I think everyone can learn something from it.
New American Nutrition and the Primal Power Method products have helped my husband and me drop weight and begin our transformation to optimal health. The easy approach to meals and workouts is something anyone can follow and we hope you do!
Gary has been an invaluable asset to my business and clients. His highly sought after professional consulting services and his one on one nutrition and exercise expertise is absolutely top notch. I have been in the health and fitness industry for decades and I have never worked with someone who has the knowledge Gary has. I purchased his book the Primal Power Method, in order to train my clients in his Primal lifestyle principles and I highly recommend it to any personal trainer or health care professional. Matter of fact I will say it is a must for anyone in this business who wants, or is teaching the Primal/Paleo lifestyle. His Primal Power Method products are the best I have found and I have all my clients purchase them in order to follow and learn, as I instruct them in a total life transformation. If you are a gym owner his Primal Power Method workshop is mind blowing and guaranteed to change yours and your gym members lives forever. Bottom line, if you are looking to change your life and get healthy there is not a better person to work with, his workshops and products are the most encompassing and easiest to understand and follow in the industry. The best part, he practices what he preaches and is truly passionate about what he does, which is hard to find in the health and fitness world these days.
Great book about how to optimize health eating and exercising in a doable enjoyable way. Very easy to understand too. I have ready them all and have been practicing the Paleo diet for years and still learned a ton. I highly recommend it!
I read Gary’s book the Primal Power Method and was very impressed. It cut away a lot of the inconsistent sometimes incomprehensible material on nutrition and provided sound advice on multiple facets of nutrition, including supplementation. I’m not a neophyte to biology or nutrition. I have a degree in biology and worked in the exercise physiology lab in college. I have also tried in vain over the past few years to adjust my dietary habits to adjust for middle age and genetic problems with high cholesterol and a family history of diabetes. Over the past 7 years I ate mostly using the American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association’s guidelines of what a healthy diet is. This just led to weight gain and little reduction in my bad cholesterol or blood sugar levels (as measured by A1c). I have read a number of books recently to begin adjusting, however I found the advice very inconsistent. I have tried a number of different supplements but found the results poor. Gary’s book cut through the nonsense. His experience as an actual federal investigator of food and supplement companies shows in his recommendations of products. Gary has simplified the advice on nutrition to the essential explanations necessary for a good diet for the rest of your life. Gary’s recommendation for supplements are also a cut above what is found at mass market chains like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or Costco. I recommend you give the Primal Power Method a thorough reading. It is well worth the time.
I have always been athletic, healthy weight and thought that I was eating healthy. Which, I was when compared to todays society as a whole. Just like everyone else, I find little things about myself that I wanted to change. No matter how much I worked out, I could not slim down and the problem tummy area that we all know is the hardest to get rid of. It wasn’t until I met Gary that he gave me some tips about the things that I need to change in my diet. I found I needed to actually cut down on my fruit intake and not eat so many grain products. I was so surprised since fruit is so good for you. Everything in moderation! When I combined his nutritional advice with exercise I saw improvements with my problem area. Little by little as the weeks went by I started to get leaner and feel incredible. Gary is a great guy to talk to and easy to strike a conversation with. I am happy I have met him and he has helped me with the infinite questions that I have had for him. Great guy, abundant amount of knowledge and really tries to help you.
I have had IBS and leaky gut syndrome for years and had gone to several doctors without any relief. Gary was able to pinpoint what was exactly wrong by the symptoms I described, and put together a nutritional plan that worked, when nothing else would. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and I never thought that I would feel this good so soon after changing my diet.
Thanks for visiting us at SDCCU today. You were very informing. I’m hoping to learn more from you (especially for my daughter)! Thanks Again!
Gary, just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice. Your information and product helped me prepare and get ready for the Las Vegas Tough Mudder. The nutrition advice helped me drop the weight I needed as well as gave me that extra boost of energy that was much needed. Thank you again
Gary, thank you for introducing me to your detox Green Smoothie recipe, I feel so much better, have more energy and also lost a few pounds. I have given the recipe to my children and we are all enjoying green smoothies and our new found health together.
Gary, thank you so much for all the advice, and also guiding me to find the proper nutrition for my specific lifestyle! You are very knowledgeable, and I thank you for being there, when I have questions.