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Ep 119: A Message to American Women – Get Off Your F**king Smartphone!

As a lot of you know, I like to observe not hear some dumb pundit vomit words out of their mouth. When it comes to women and their addiction to their phone screens, I have noticed that no one is discussing this issue. Well, after almost getting killed last week a couple of times from women texting/talking on their phone (phone to their ear) while driving, I have had enough. As a matter of fact, I have lost count of how many car accidents I have had to avoid by such stupidity in the last five years.

So here comes another Gary Rant! I don’t think it is a surprise that most Americans are addicted to their smartphone. Actually, it is pretty much a global problem, but in the good old USA, we always like to be number one with most addictions of stupidity. But over the last five years, I have noticed American women can’t seem to get that small box of stupid away from their face no matter what. And it appears age is not a factor; even blue-haired old ladies seem to love their smartphones. 

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Topics Discussed:

* Our addiction to smartphones is completely out of control

* Some statistics that will make your head explode

* Why it seems this addiction is affecting women more than men

* Why maybe while your at the gym you should actually workout instead of updating social media and taking selfies.

* There is nothing so important on your phone that you must try and kill me while being on it while driving

* Is the average American woman truly addicted to their smartphone

* Do you really need a smartphone

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