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Two Free Webinars – Your Life, Your Legacy And The Fitness Journey

Two Free Webinars – Your Life, Your Legacy and The Fitness Journey

Recently I was interviewed for two free webinars – Your Life, Your Legacy and The Fitness Journey. I usually don’t participate in these, but I thought you (A Simple Life insider) could definitely benefit from some of the information provided. Plus, I do give my insights on living the simple life, living off the grid and primal health during my two interviews. If you are a new follower of mine and being a part of the simple life insider group this might be a way for you to learn a little bit more about me. The description and the signup links are provided below.

Your Life, Your Legacy Webinar

Brenda Wright, has invited me to be one of her expert speakers in an online series called YOUR LIFE, YOUR LEGACY.

If you’ve ever thought about making a positive dent in the world, you’ll love this summit!

  • Brenda asked me and over 20 other outstanding and enlightened experts to join in a discussion that will help you…
  • Start finding your path
  • Start transitioning your life and setting up the legacy you want to leave, while still earning the income you need!
  • Tap into your network to reveal strengths you don’t recognize in yourself
  • Ensure that your assets end up where you want your assets to go
  • Start asking the questions that lead to your more fulfilling life
  • Turn your passion into your career
  • Say yes to your calling no matter your age or your stage
  • Turn tragedy into triumph
  • And much more!  

 Brenda is a high energy, life loving, ever curious woman with a child-like excitement that’s contagious and energizing. A question and quest that is present in her thoughts on a daily basis is about the influence she has on others, who she can learn from and how she can make the greatest difference for a few or a few thousand. She went from an enjoyable but stressful career to now running a business that not only supports her family, but also gives back to the important causes that we all want to support. Recognizing that many of you have that same longing, she decided to create this online summit.

You’ll hear from some amazing people (including me!) on how we are creating legacy every day.

It all starts on June 18th! And because I was invited to speak at this telesummit, I can invite those important to me to listen in on YOUR LIFE, YOUR LEGACY Summit for FREE!  

Click here to signup

The Fitness Journey Webinar

I want you to meet a new friend of mine who is another passionate facilitator of all things health and fitness.

Her name is Carlie Scharing and she is the owner of Body by Carlie personal training where she encourages you to move how you feel best – do whatever workout you want to do – just make sure your body gets moving!

We know how you may be feeling… the gym just isn’t your space, or you don’t have time for a workout, or frankly – you just don’t feel like working out! I totally get it… I’ve had those moments. We’ve all had those moments.

We want you to see how simple yet effective healthy living really can be. True wellness is the greatest thing you can do to invest in the one body you will ever get.

In order to get this message to as many people as possible, Carlie sought advice from experts all over the globe (including me!)

Because we want to share with you how easy it really is, Carlie created this free interview series – The Fitness Journey: How healthy living can improve your confidence, give you energy, and increase your quality of life.

You’re going to hear stories and tips from doctors, master trainers, fitness authors, wellness specialists and more.

Through this event we’re going to cover:

  • how simple it is to integrate fitness into your lifestyle
  • how to take care of your body in all aspects
  • stories of living in pain to freeing movement

If you are ready to jump-start your health and fitness or even find the next new thing to add to your training regimen, this event is for you!

Click here to signup

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