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A short update until we get to the free book part 🙂

I know it has been a bit since my last update, but a lot of great things are going on I plan to share some of them with you next week. I have three books coming out in 2019, which will include a traditionally published book, with six speaking engagements scheduled throughout the U.S., to include book signings. Two off the new books will be on the topic of “Living Off The Grid” and one will the third installment in my “The Simple Life” series titled The Simple Life Guide To Decluttering Your Life. A couple half-day to full day workshops are being currently discussed, I will updated you when I know more. Needless to say 2019 is going to be a busy year!

It is hard to believe I started out as an accidental indie author eight years ago, shortly after I left my career as a special agent in the federal government. Who would have known, especially not me, that in 2018 I would be dedicating myself to being a full-time published Author on the topics of living off the grid, remote living, RV living, primal health, self-help, and simple living. My Going Off The Grid book has consistently been an Amazon Best Seller for over a year now, I really didn’t see that coming. I’m pleasantly surprised that people are interested in my lifestyle and what I have to say about it. It all came from sharing my inside knowledge, while working in the government, especially with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sharing my knowledge of truly living a healthy lifestyle. Yep, things have definitely evolved into many different topics, but they all stem from helping people and living a simpler life.

With that being said, I’m trying to spread the word about living “The Simple Life,” hence the new book series with that title. As most of you know now, I have moved away from using social media, so this blog and my newsletter is my special place for all of you. So instead of blasting this invitation out to everyone in the known social media universe this is going out to my select group of insiders.

I’m looking for a limited group of people who I will send my new books as they are released in any format you want for free. In exchange if you would review it on Amazon that would be greatly appreciated. Your email and contact information will be used for this purpose only, so you can opt out at anytime. As I said this is a very exclusive group of my loyal followers and readers so it will be limited to the first 50 people to respond. There are two ways to be added to this list:

1. Reply to this email with your contact information and what format you wish to receive the book.

2. If you are reading this on the blog and are not signed up for my newsletter (sign up here) you can contact me directly by filling out the contact form here in order to be on the advanced reading team. Remember to send me your contact info (email and mailing address).

Once the new book goes live on Amazon and other book selling sites you will be contacted in order to receive your free copy of my book, and again if you would review it on Amazon it would be greatly appreciated.

I want to take the time to thank all of you, as none of this would be possible without your continued support. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to share my life adventures and simple living philosophy with you all.

Gary Collins

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An Update And Top Tips To Survive Outdoors: How Not To Get Lost


 land navigation and map reading


I know, I know it has been a bit since my last post and update, but I have a good excuse I promise! I just finished the manuscript for my next book called Living Off The Grid the follow up to my popular and Amazon best seller Going Off The Grid. Be looking out for it in early 2019. I have some exciting news about upcoming books, so keep in the know with my newsletter you can sign up here. I will be sending out special deals for every release of a new book to my followers on my email list just a little hint… sign up to be cool, and a be a part of the in crowd 🙂  I’m also in the mix for some speaking engagements and book signings in 2019, I will post the updates as I get them.

In addition, I just completely finished the inside of my off the grid house, see a couple pics below on some the projects I have been working on this season.


Two Things Stopping You From Living The Simple Life

two things stopping you from living the simple life

Simple living is easy, well easier than today’s modern lifestyle, but getting there sometimes is not. I know from the questions I usually get on the subject most people want to live a simpler and happier lifestyle, but they are not sure where to start. I must emphasize this – anytime you make a fairly drastic change in your life there is pain in the beginning – nothing that improves your life long term comes easy, it takes work and perseverance.

I have found there are two main things that stop people dead in their tracks when pursing what I like to call “The Simple Life.” I plan to expand on these two simple living killers in a future book, but I want to share some of the basics for you to get started on your journey of happiness, and freedom.


The 5 Principles Of The Simple Life Healthy Lifestyle Plan

the simple life 5 principles

For those of who follow me or are familiar with my teachings know, I consider health and nutrition to be the cornerstone and key to living The Simple Life.

I always recommend to people interested in improving their life in anyway by starting with their health. Why? It is not because I’m a health guy, and former athlete, but because I have found that health is key to anything and everything to do with living the life you want. How are you going to improve your productivity, relationships, and your overall life if you are like most Americans – overweight, on multiple prescription drugs, problems sleeping, stressed out, depressed, and just flat out unhappy!


Update On My Off The Grid House Projects


Yep it is time to give a Gary off grid house update… so what the heck have I been up to you may ask? I’m back at my property in NE Washington enjoying the beautiful weather and quiet. There are numerous projects to get done this season, mainly rapping up the inside of the house. The good news is mainly the finish work is all I have left – trim, base boards, and just building some things to make my life easier. I needed a TV stand for the living room, but it had to be a certain height and width, and I wasn’t willing to pay $500 or more for a piece of crap made in China… off to get supplies I went. In the end it was well worth it, it only cost me a little over $100 and will match all my other trim. It was pretty simple I bought an off the shelf 30X30X12 unfinished cabinet from Home Depot, a piece of finished plywood and some trim. I think it came out pretty good see the pics below: